We are two teenage girls – Zara and Elisa – who share a love for food: eating food, smelling food, taking pictures of food, making food (:0?), and basically anything that has to do with food. We will go to great lengths to enjoy food, and to fulfill our dreams of becoming great bakers. What makes us unique and special is that we not only review about great food, but we also bake/cook and try out great recipes! Rest assure, the food/recipes you find here have been lovingly researched, photographed, and posted on this blog, so that you can join us on our exciting food journeys (:

Zara is a vegetarian who loves animals (hence the vegetarianism), food, baking, smiling and being happy! She draws her food inspiration from shows such as Masterchef and Jamie Oliver, and spends all day looking at food porn. Her goal in life is to find/eat/bake the perfect carrot cake. She eats too much dessert for her own good!

Elisa is a proudly-declared omnivore who loves anything with seafood (she tries to be an environmentalist too by not eating sharks and tuna), except squid/octopus, (she occasionaly loves a big piece of steak too!) and dark chocolate. She draws her food inspiration from watching food shows such as Iron Chef America, Top Chef and home cooks such as Nigella Lawson, Giada De Laurentis and Michael Smith. Her goal in life is to travel around the world, tasting different types of food and making great food so that everyone around her will be happy!

You may ask why “cinnamonsheep”? Well, it seemed like the obvious choice as we love cinnamon and we think sheep are cute and fluffy :p

We started out our exciting food journey on blooger – www.the-cinnamonsheep.blogspot.com (we have transferred our posts here) – as it was familiar to us tech-noobies. However, we realised that blogger had its shortcomings, for example there were two different versions of templates and we had much trouble figuring out the gadgets. WordPress seemed much easier and accesible to use, so we upped and moved, which brings us to this wonderful new page, officially started on 26 August 20011! 🙂

Feel free to drop any comments/suggestions on how we can make your food-filled lives more interesting! Do check out Our Bucket List too, and if you have any recommendation of places which you think serve good food, do share! Do note that we are also selling our delicious and tasty Cinnamonsheep Treats! We would never want to stop sharing the love of food with you guys and would want all of you to be enjoying our food at your own time. Email us at cinnamonsheep@hotmail.sg or simply just drop a comment. Thank you! 🙂

9 Responses to About

  1. zatay25 says:

    hahahah hello sexy ladies(: this website so cute!! imma definitely try out your recipes after EYAs! shall show it to my mama too(: keep it keep it keep it up<3 jiayou mugging for eyas(:

  2. Thanks zatay25!!!!! 🙂 We’re glad that you enjoy our blog 😀 Do subscribe to keep in touch! 🙂

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  5. Poonam says:

    You ladies are so cool! i am gonna try to make your choc puddles by end july!

  6. Antoliya says:

    Ohmygosh Elisa! Do you remember me? I’m Andrea Chan. I was your primary school classmate in P1 I think. I had no idea you were one of the food bloggers behind this blog. I’m into food blogging too haha.

  7. Antoliya says:

    Hey Elisa! I’m Andrea Chan… From your P1 class I think. Remember me? 🙂 I think you were one of my first few friends along with Clarissa Tan and a few others! I didn’t know you were into food blogging too 🙂

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