New York City: Two Hands


As a student, I’m always on the look out for places to study, places that are inviting, relaxing and charming enough to make me feel both comfortable and energized. Forget about the school library or Starbucks that are usually cramped full of students with their laptops and a mountain pile of paper. Yes, daunted by the stern eyes, creased eyebrows and pursed lips, they force me to study, but in the most uncomfortable and exhausting way. Personally, I prefer studying in cafes that seem to rejuvenate my energy level with its bright, open, chic interior design. Plus with fresh food and high quality coffee, I feel inspired almost automatically to finish my toughest piece of homework. Two Hands, located right on the border of Little Italy and Chinatown, turns out to be my absolute go-to study spot.
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I like how Two Hands encompasses features of both the old and the new. Not only do the wooden brick walls and cast-iron pillars make you feel comfortable and nostalgic, the hanging magazine rack and white tiles on the opposite side of the room make you feel so revitalized. Two Hands also offers healthy, locally sourced food such as sandwiches and salads that feature seasonal ingredients, freshly-squeezed juices, smoothies and coffee. My favorite item is the beautifully plated Acai bowl with granola, chia seed, hemp seed, coconut flakes, pistachio and berries. The acai berry is considered a “superfood” that’s loaded with antioxidants. When blended, it reminds you almost of slightly melted ice cream – sweet, thick and creamy, you’ll definitely want to wake up earlier every morning just for a bowl. You could top it with any ingredient you desire. But with crunchy granola and pretty neutral-tasting seeds, every spoonful is balanced in terms of texture and flavor.
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In addition, you can trust that you’ll get the finest Nicaraguan coffee with a beautiful latte art. I had my usual cup of Flat White and just one whiff of the earthy and nutty aroma, my mood instantly awakens. Indeed, Two Hands proves to be a rare café that places equal emphasis on both its food and its coffee, making it an ideal spot for a laid-back afternoon, or a place you’re looking to increase your productivity levels.
Two Hands
164 Mott Street
New York, NY 10013
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