New York City: Bg Gay Ice Cream


“I see ice cream as a universal food. You don’t need teeth to eat ice cream – you can be 8 months old, you can be 108 years old. You can be the richest man in America, or you can be the poorest man,” said co-owner Douglas Quint. Wise indeed, don’t you think? More often than not, we take granted of the uniting experience or the togetherness that eating ice cream brings for us. We focus rather on its flavor, on its taste, basically on how good or bad it is, or how satisfied we are with our treat that we simply forget the mere idea that it gives us the opportunity to come together as a family as friends. With their unique ice cream creations, owners Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff thus seeked to point out exactly just what all of us seemed to miss out on – that eating ice cream is all about having fun.
Started as a truck in the summer 2009 that served merely an elevated version of Mister Softee with its novelty topping combinations, Big Gay Ice Cream has since become a New York favorite, an icon even, that it debuted its first shop in the East Village 2 years later and in the West Village the following year. Not long after, they launched a new soft serve base made with high quality Ronnybrook dairy. The result is an ice cream that is unmistakably rich and creamy with the right density to provide a substantial base for all that toppings.
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Salty Pimp: vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, chocolate dip (front). Probably featured most in several media publications, the Salty Pimp definitely leaves up to its expectation with its balance between sweet and salty (my absolute favourite flavor combination). The chocolate sauce freezes instantly when in contact with the cold surface, forming an essential crunchy textural element. When you bite into it, you get that salty taste from the dulce de leche sauce that had been drizzled all over the vanilla ice cream
Bea Arthur: vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, crushed nilla wafers (centre and back). My friend had asked for that additional chocolate dip on the top. If not, instead of that crunchy chocolate shell in the salty dip, here, the crushed nilla wafers provides that textural element, albeit less evidently, but just enough to coat your mouth a little.
Rocky Roadhouse: chocolate ice cream, almonds, marshmallows, chocolate bits. If you are a chocolate lover, this is definitely the choice to go. Right after the first picture was taken, we had to put it down immediately because it could barely even hold up all the toppings it contains. In every bite, you get a mouthful of everything – the crunch element, or the chewy element against the soft creamy ice cream base.
American Globs: vanilla ice cream, sea salt, extra dark pretzel, chocolate dip. This, together with the Salty Pimp, are my favourites. Although theres definitely one less sweet and salty element without the dulce de leech, I like that extra crunch from the pretzel.
Big Gay Ice Cream’s success can be rightly attributed to their attention to both flavor and textural details. In every of their creation, there is crunchy and creamy, sweet and salty or if not restrained sweetness despite the various toppings. Good news, Big Gay Ice Cream are opening in LA and Philadelphia soon!
Big Gay Ice Cream
East Village
125 East 7th Street
New York NY 10009
Tel: 212-533-9333
West Village
61 Grove Street
New York NY 10014
Tel: 212-414-0222
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