New York City: Culture Yogurt


New year, fresh start; new outlook, new resolutions.
For me, 2014 passed by so quickly and it was undoubtedly one of the best years of my life. I travelled to places I’ve only seen through pictures, exposed to different cultures and way of livings I’ve never knew about – food, scenery, arty, surroundings and behavior – met several unusual and fascinating people of various backgrounds. But enough of reminiscing of what’s past; that was then, and I’m sure 2015 would be as stimulating and refreshing.
So one of my new year resolutions is to stay healthy, and I’m sure many of yours are too. But one thing I’d like to do differently this year is that instead of staying healthy by exercising regularly and eating clean and healthy regularly, I’d like to enjoy life by shaking things up a little here and there. Being healthy doesn’t mean having to constantly constrain or restrict oneself, but being able to indulge in desserts and junk food at a moderate level and also being able to sleep in and skip exercises whenever you just feel too lazy. It makes you a way more happier person having not to constantly count your calories or worry you’ll tip the scale or worry you won’t get your 6-packs.
Frozen yogurt is definitely one of those healthy snack alternatives to ice cream, soft serve or even regular yogurt loaded with tons of sugar. But its hard to find one that is as creamy or as milky as their unhealthier counterparts. Culture Yogurt however, utilizes milk that is pasteurized twice, resulting in fresh and frozen yogurt that is as thick and rich as that of a regular soft serve. It’s also not too tangy or sour, making it a real sweet treat instead of merely an “alternative”. There are a variety of flavours available each day such as organic nutella, pistachio, cookies and cream, oatmeal raisin and the plain. For toppings, you could go for the healthy fruits or the rich thick fudge sauces, but I went with the classic chocolate chips to satisfy my chocolate cravings that night. Definitely one of my favourite frozen yogurt places in NYC.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetCulture Yogurt
60 West 8th Street
Tel: 646-823-9715
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