New York City: Il Mulino


For over two solid decades, Il Mulino has been voted as New York City’s #1 Italian restaurant in Zagat guides. Renowned for its fresh and simple, yet vibrant flavors of Italian cuisine, extensive selection of fine Italian wines and impeccably polished and exemplary service, it’s top rank in New York’s elite dining scene is hardly surprising. And it is no wonder that they are slowly, but surely, amassing locations not only in New York City, but also all over the world including Miami, Vegas and Tokyo, for their expansion. But before we get to that, let’s deal with the second Il Mulino outlet in New York on the Upper East Side. Unlike the flagship restaurant in Greenwich Village, this one has a more elegant and modern feel that probably, aptly suits its Uptown location. Yet despite exterior differences, Chefs and founders Fernando and Gino Masci ensure that the authentic preparations and flavors from the Abruzzo, Italy, are projected on every expertly crafted dish in every outlet. And here, it is no different.
Other than the classics, there are market fresh daily specials your headwaiter will almost sort of “announce” to your table in a proud yet knowledgeable manner, after which he would hand you both the everyday and specials menu and leave to let you ponder over the vast array of items on the menu. In the mean time, several other waiters take turn to offer various antipasti – a huge block of Parmigiano-Reggiano is brought to your table, followed by tomato bruschetta, mussels, osso bucco, a plate of salami, warm tomato bread and finally a tray of wonderfully arranged and fragrant bread. Yes, they pamper you from the start, and amidst the halcyon atmosphere, you are made to feel queen ; )
Langostino ($28): Jumbo prawns; with spinach
Linguine ai Fritti di Mare ($40): Spicy seafood sauce
Branzino ($65): Italian seabass, salt crusted and baked
Everything was seasoned and cooked to perfection – the pasta was al dente and the seafood were fresh and extremely flavourful. The portions are large, but so are prices but everything was made to be so worth it that the prices are forgiven.
Il Mulino
37 East 60th Street
New York, NY 10021
Tel: 212 750 3270
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