New York City: Spot Dessert Bar


Spot Dessert Bar is the one place that you would not want to miss when in New York. Even if you’re not that into dessert (which I would say you’re not quite, but extremely unusual to not be attracted by anything sweet), this place will really blow you away with its innovative, calorie-filled yet totally worth it concoctions. Unlike Singapore’s 2am Dessert Bar that focuses on sophisticated, modern, fine-dining desserts, Spot serves up traditional confections that are spiked with a healthy dose of Asian flare with unique ingredients such as Matcha, Kobacha and Yuzu. Currently, they have 2 outlets in New York, one along St. Marks Place in the East Village, and the other in a Food Gallery along West 32nd Street in Korea Town. Both very hip locations I must say, but we decided to visit the original outlet just because we were about a 15min walking distance away at Cocoron for lunch.
It’s easy to walk straight pass it simply because its located in a basement space and you won’t really see the sign unless you look down. But it was packed full of people of all ages, friends and family catching up, or even those who would want to have a dessert all for themselves and a book to read. We actually had to wait for a table.
When I first saw the menu, I wanted to order everything. It was unlike many desserts you get on a daily basis. It isn’t just a chocolate lava cake, it’s a chocolate green tea lava cake; it’s not just a crème brulee infused with vanilla, it’s thai tea crème brulee; and it’s not just a regular cheesecake, it’s smoked coconut cheesecake. They also have cupcakes – Banana white chocolate, Vietnamese coffee -, macarons – Taro, Peanut Butter & Jelly -, cookies, ice cream – Ovaltine, Condensed Milk -, bubble tea, and all sorts of flavoured coffee or soda. Few things to note is that the menu changes with the seasons, and they call their desserts “tapas”. Not sure why, but maybe they want to bring across the idea of sharing.
You could order 3 tapas that goes for $23, or 4 for $31, which I felt is definitely quite worth it because one dessert is about $8-$9 on average, or just 1 or 2 tapas on its own if you’re not up for it. There’s also the omakase that basically just gives you the ultimate Spot experience. Priced at $60, it includes 6 dessert tapas, 2 fresh warm cookies and 1 scoop of ice cream. Perfect when you’re with a large crowd.
We went for the 4 tapas special ($31).
Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake: dark chocolate cake, green tea ganache, green tea ice cream, walnut soil. It’s their #1 seller but I’m not surprised because it’s just soooo hard to resist firstly, chocolate in all its forms, secondly, warm gooey overflowing melted chocolate but this time infused with green tea and thirdly, the pairing of a warm cake and cold ice cream together. You can definitely taste the bitter green tea flavor in there, and even in the ice cream as well. But it’s just enough to cut the sweetness of the chocolate so you won’t feel too overwhelmed by the richness of the cake.
Yuzu Eskimo: frozen Japanese citrus cream bar, fresh strawberries, chocolate pearls. This was my favourite simply because it was extremely light and refreshing and you didn’t feel at all that you were indulging. It had a consistency similar to that of a sorbet, but slightly creamier. The oreo crust at the bottom and crunchy chocolate pearls provided a nice textural and flavor contrast to the dish. Thoughtful presentation as well!
Green Tea-ramisu: green tea mascarpone cream, green tea soaked ladyfinger, shaved white chocolate, matcha powder dust. One thing I love about green tea is it’s slightly bitter flavor that is able to make desserts that are usually too sweet for my liking slightly more palatable. One perfect example would be this tiramisu which I feel has too much rum or sugar in the ones we usually get outside. The cream was also extremely light and the cake extremely airy and fluffy, not at all heavy in the least bit. The white chocolate gave it it’s sweetness, and here’s one dessert that won’t make you feel like you went on a sugar overdose.
Kabocha Brulee Cake: warm Japanese pumpkin cake, walnut soil, condensed milk ice cream. The cake was extremely extremely moist, but slightly, just slightly denser than a regular cake. It’s almost like a pound cake, but not too sweet. You would think that condensed milk ice cream would kill you with too much sweetness, but it just had a subtle milk flavor and slightly caramelized note. Again, a warm cake and cold ice cream is always good.
Spot Dessert Bar
13 Saint. Marks (between 3rd Ave. & 2nd Ave.)

New York, NY 10003
Tel: 212 677-5670




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