London: Duck & Waffle


Duck & Waffle is located 40 floors up London’s glittering Heron Tower and you won’t get a better sight of London than from here, noting everything from Wembley Stadium to the Olympic Park. The glass lift up itself is already an experience. Having been slowed down by 20seconds, it is still fast enough to leave you ashen-faced and shaking, and needing just a few minutes to recover. But you’ll get over its vertigo-inducing venue eventually once you realize the bejeweled views over London and equally delicious food.
Inspired by European and British influences and spirit, Duck & Waffle has been the talk of the foodie town ever since its debut during the summer of 2012 for its location, its rather bonkers eponymous signature dish, and for it opening 24/7 to keep pace with a city that is always on the move.
The atmosphere at Duck & Waffle was vibrant and delightful. The room has long, hefty, wooden tables for large groups, and semi-circular banquettes with marble tables. Nothing too refined nor too casual, but striking a perfect balance just in between to make it proper.
My mum and I arrived just in time for breakfast and we were quite surprised that the restaurant was in fact already quite packed with groups of families and friends and even colleagues who were discussing their business over breakfast.
Going for the title dish Duck & Waffle (£12) can never go wrong. Sitting on top of two classic waffles were a hunk of confit duck leg and a fried duck egg, accompanied by a pitcher of mustard maple syrup. I quite like how chefs these days are coming up with more and more inventive combinations of sweet and savoury flavours. It lets you get the best of both worlds – you no longer get monotonous flavours, but rather a layer of distinct flavours that combine beautifully (when done properly of course) to make a dish so much more interesting and memorable. Execution was perfect here – fluffy waffles, crispy duck skin, moist juicy duck meat and perfectly cooked egg. I thought that the mustard maple syrup was a brilliant idea so that it goes along with both the sweet waffles, and savoury duck confit. It is no wonder that what I saw most on the kitchen counter was plates and plates of Duck & Waffle.
It is a well-known fact now that Duck & Waffle goes the extra mile in high-energy, bold flavor combinations. The Toasted PBJ (£12) featured a nicely toasted buttery brioche topped with banana, peanut butter & strawberry jam, finished off with a fried duck egg & maple-glazed bacon. Here, you just don’t stop at the classic PB&J + banana combination. To make it all the more decadent and over the top, you’re pampered with a perfectly cooked egg with a gooey yolk that oozes out and coats your each and every mouthful, AND sinful yet irresistible sweet and salty bacon strips. It’s love at first sight, and heaven in a bite. And while you may think that it might be too rich, well you’re wrong. Cause it was just so addictive and I wiped it clean. Just writing it makes me drool already.
I hear that Duck & Waffle has plenty of enticing dishes on their lunch and dinner menu and I will definitely be back to try them all. Here, it is both the food and experience that makes it all the worth going, even if you have to travel all the way from the other end (It is located just 3 minutes walk from Liverpool station so it is definitely accessible), or wait in line till the wee hours of the early morning. But either way, you are definitely going to have a convivial experience here, especially if you come to get your hangover cure.
Duck & Waffle
Heron Tower
110 Bishopgate
London EC2N 4AY
+44 203 640 7310
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