London: Social Eating House


Social Eating House is Jason Atherton’s and Chef Paul Hood’s (relatively) new venture that aims to provide an informal and humble setting that allows diners to enjoy the key elements of the current eclectic and vibrant London, and an affordable bistro style menu jam-packed with Britain’s freshest produce with international accents.
Inside this Soho eaterie are exposed brick and battered walls, traditional white-washed copper ceilings, brasserie-style mirrors, copper-topped tables and weathered leather banquet seats. It is dimly lit, both an eclectic beehive full of activity and character, and a comfortable snug to hide in.
The menu is carefully paired by both Atherton and Chef Paul Hood and consists of hearty fare like Mac & Cheese, Pot roasts, and small jars that include a silky salt cod brandade under a layer of parsley puree, accompanied with thick-cut salt and vinegar crisps. But we went with the traditional that afternoon, and was most greeted with succulent comfort food that was beautifully plated as well.
Wild Mushrooms from a bag, Cep puree on toast (£10). When the waitress snipped the bag of mushrooms, I could immediately smell the sweet aroma of roasted and slightly caramelized mushrooms. The plump and juicy mushrooms was decadent on its own, but it is best eaten with the crispy toast and have that buttery and flavourful juices from the bag drizzled all over. It’s the sort of stuff that you forget your fork and dig in unselfconsciously, so that you leave oily stains across the table. I have no idea what “cep” puree is to be honest, but well it was quite delicious!


Macaroni & Cheese, Shaved Mushroom (£16). Every piece of macaroni was cooked perfectly al dente and was coated with a creamy and cheesy sauce that was seasoned perfectly and made every bite so rich and delicious. There were some raw mushrooms which provided freshness, and some cooked ones that were sweet, a perfect juxtaposition to the creaminess of the dish.
Black Angus Ribeye Steak. You can’t go wrong with a big piece of steak cooked perfectly. I have no words. Seasoned with just salt and pepper, Chef Paul Hood does a good job by letting it speak by itself. And the ability to make ingredients taste intensely of themselves shows the most virtuous chef skills.
Mojito Palate Cleanser
Mississippi Mud Slide (£8.5): Chocolate brownie, rum caramel, chocolate ice cream, rum & raisin ice cream, coffee foam. And what better way to end a comforting meal with a sundae. Forget the calories, just dig in and have it all. Serve alongside is hot chocolate with baileys. Yumz.
In this gastronomic era where people are searching for the modern and avande garde, sometimes you just want to come to a place with relaxed and attentive service and savour comfort food at its best. And Jason Atherton has done it the best, in all his restaurants, he never fails to display the best of fresh produce and whip them up to become so hearty and luscious.
Social Eating House
58 Poland Street, Soho,
London W1F 7NR
Tel: 020 7993 3251
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