Baker & Cook


Nestled in the residential enclave of Hillcrest, Baker & Cook is the braindchild of Global Baker Dean Brettschneider, one of the world’s most respected bakers on the planet and author of 10 best selling baking books. You may ask, why this sequestered location (as compared to Maison Kayser and Paul Bakery located in more crowded areas)? Well, this unique location has been hand-picked by Dean and his team to combined the best of neighbourhood baking, shopping and dining with a stunningly designed bakery that reflects the very best of Dean’s global travels and influences. It’s a business philosophy.
As you walk in, your eyes will probably glisten at the sight of beautifully crafted artisan breads, pastries, and even cooked items such as quiches and sandwiches, and the wide array of their own-brand range of items such as jams, cookies and chutneys that are on sale.
Tartine ($13.00), Salmon, cream cheese & springonion spread and fresh dill Served on our famous Pain Miche Bread, lightly toasted.
Smoked Salmon, Mushroom and Spinach Quiche ($9) served with a beetroot and pumpkin salad.
P1040301 Eggs Benedict ($17), Two poached eggs served on toasted B&C Pain Miche Bread topped with crispy bacon, hollandaise sauce and a hint of balsamic glaze and chili oil.
P1040380 Eggs Benedict ($19), Two poached eggs served on toasted B&C Pain Miche Bread topped with smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce and a hint of balsamic glaze and chili oil.
Pancakes Stack ($17), Served with a compote of caramelized apples, Greek yoghurt and lashings of homemade toffee sauce.
P1040302 Ham & Cheese sandwich ($8.50)
P1040299 Chocolate Protein Smoothie ($8.50)
Everything was pretty delicious and cooked well and there’s nothing really much to comment, except that I’m not a huge fan of this super crusty rye/sourdough-ish Pain Miche Bread. I would much prefer a softer bread? Well, my mum loved it anyway. My favourite of all would definitely be the pancakes. It was really light and fluffy and while the toppings aren’t conventional standard ones you would normally get, they complement each other perfectly. I didn’t quite get the chili oil on the Eggs benedict though, both taste and smell wise…
I can understand why Baker & Cook appears to be a favourite hang out place for many of the locals and those who live around this neighbourhood. I’ve been here a couple times and it’s always packed with customers streaming in and out, and there has never been a time I’ve gotten a seat immediately without waiting.
But as the dining scene in Singapore heats up, one might think whether Baker & Cook will still survive, being much dependent on the neighbourhood crowd. It’s second outlet at Martin Road has already closed and the space has been taken over by the popular PS Café. But regarding the future of Baker & Cook, I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay, at least for a while more, and whatever happens… we’ll wait and see. Right now, it’s a pretty cosy place I’d like to be in every morning.
Baker & Cook
77 Hillcrest Road
Tel: +65 6469 8834
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