Eggs & Berries


Eggs & Berries has just opened a second outlet at Westgate, a new up and coming shopping mall in a bustling area of Jurong East. It is located on the second level of Westgate and a link bridge from Jurong East MRT station and JEM gives patron direct and easy access.
Zara has been a frequent diner at the Changi City Point outlet and her raved reviews about their perfectly poached Eggs Benedict and affordable prices often leave me drooling. But I’ve never gotten a chance to try it out myself simply because it’s just way tooooo far from where I am. I was thus fortunate to be invited to taste the Valentines Day offerings at the Westgate outlet.
We started of with a Butternut Cappuccino: creamy butternut soup topped with milk froth and pumpkin powder. This wasn’t as creamy as I had expected to it, but it was still quite smooth and silky, comforting and warm nonetheless. However, I felt that I could taste the powdery flavor towards the end, as I reach the bottom of the soup. But maybe because I had taken too long to finish it up.
For the main course, you have a choice of Sous Vide Marinated Duck Breast: Duck breast with red wine shallot glaze, served with scrambled eggs, homemade roasted herb potatoes and salad. Owning to their American diner concept, the portion here is so generous, it would probably take 2 to clean up a plate that contains carbs, double protein, and veg. The duck was cooked quite beautifully medium, brownish on the exterior but pinkish in the middle. The potatoes and eggs were well-seasoned, although I would prefer my scramble eggs to be creamier and fluffier. My favourite part of this dish was actually the red wine shallot glaze as it had a slight hint of sweetness amidst all the savoury flavours. The dressing on the salad could be more evenly spread out as there were some leaves with tons of dressing, while others that were just on its own. I also felt that the eggs could have been integrated into the dish more. Maybe just plate them together alongside the salad, and not into a ramekin on its own.
Sous Vide Salmon Fillet: Salmon fillet with orange butter reduction, served with our signature poached egg, homemade roasted herb potatoes and salad. Again, gigantic portion, and everything was well-seasoned. Sous Vide Salmon actually tasted like pan-roasted salmon. I’m not sure how different the flavours and texture was supposed to be like. The egg was perfectly poached, and you could see just how runny the yolk was. Again, same issues with the salad and the plating of the egg. Maybe, the egg could have been placed on top of the salmon, so that when you cut into the egg, the runny yolk serves kind of as an additional sauce for the salmon.


And for dessert, we had the Chocolate Lava Cake and Boston Cream Pie: Sugar-dusted chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream, and strawberry cream-filled sponge cake laced with peach liquer. I like how they plated this as a couple dessert that is served just on one plate. I cut into the lava cake with anticipation, hoping that the decadent melted chocolate would just flow out, only to be greeted with a slightly overcooked centre that did not ooze out and wasn’t as melted as we hoped it had been, but still a little gooey. 😦 (This picture was taken after a little help and digging into the centre) The sponge cake was quite light and fluffy and there was quite a balanced ratio between the cake and filling. We didn’t quite know how we were supposed to deal with the peach liquer that was served in a dropper and inserted into the cake. Were we supposed to squeeze it into the cake? Or were we supposed to drizzle it over the cake? But either way, the cake did just well on its own 🙂
At just $68 per couple, Eggs & Berries was able to successfully prove that good food doesn’t always have to break your wallet. You can also add $11 to your meal for 2 selected couple smoothies! So if you guys out there haven’t got any idea where to bring your date, this is one highly recommended option!
Other then this Valentines day menu, this newly minted Eggs & Berries outlet at Westgate offers an exclusive array of gourmet burgers such as the Wagyu beef burger ($14.90) and the Pork and Sage Spiked Burger with Paprika ($12.90) that comes with a side of wedges and salad. Just look at that huge chunk of perfectly cooked patty! Juicy and just bursting with flavours, and you could really taste the spiciness from the paprika. What’s even better is the nicely toasted buttery brioche bun that still had a slight crunch to it, and that runny yolk from the sunny side up egg. Smothered with bbq sauce and melted cheese, this is definitely a must try.
They also have pastas, other main courses, as well as desserts (waffles, pancakes etc they have it all!) all served at an amazingly affordable price given the generous portions. Just look at this gorgeous plate of Aglio Olio with King River Prawns ($19.90). The pasta was al dente, eggs perfectly poached (and I quite love how you could soak up all the runny yolk with the pasta) and prawn juicy and well seasoned. Plus melted cheese and mushrooms… Yum 🙂
The restaurant also boasts one of the largest ranges of egg dishes from the aesthetically pleasing Eggs Benedict Doppio ($14.90), to the Sweet and savoury Brioche French Toast served with caramelized banana, scrambled eggs, toasted almond flakes and mixed greens ($16.90).
What’s even better is that Eggs & Berries have a special Takeaway menu. From 8am-11am, you can get “Rise & Shine” breakfast takeaways at just $3.90 that features Grilled Chipolata Sausage, with a choice of egg (poached, scrambled or fried), with a warm sandwich toast, baked beans and a side of salad. Coffee/Tea is included. And then later in the evening from 6pm-11pm, you can get “Grab & Go” dinner takeaways such as Mushroom Pasta with Arrabiata Sauce, Bangers and Mash, and Pan-Seared Smoked Chicken Breast and Eggs, at just $9.90. It is definitely value for money! Also, from now till the end of Feb, patrons can enjoy great promotions such as 1 for 1 Triple Eggs Omelette on weekdays 10-11:30am, and 50% off selected waffles, pancakes, crepes ands dessert on weekdays 3-5pm.
Eggs & Berries is indeed a mecca for families and office-goers who wish to satisfy their hankerings for beloved American classics. It is also a great option for a quick and easy meal that satisfies your stomach but doesn’t burn your wallet. My only wish is that they would open a third outlet, and preferably in the central area :p
Eggs & Berries 
3 Gateway Drive #02-06
Tel: 64659189
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  1. jaytjk says:

    Great review, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to visit the places too. There is this map called CafeSG that lets you find all the local cafes in Singapore! Super useful for cafe hopping and to find cafes near home and workplace.

    Hope to see more reviews from you

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