Latteria Mozzarella Bar


Shredded, knotted, plaited and rolled, from piccolo to jumbo sizes, Latteria Mozzarella Bar presents Italy’s favourite cheeses in ways you have never experienced before, or let alone thought about. Indeed, it is a heaven for all cheese lovers and maybe a place to avoid for those who don’t have that affinity for cheese. There were over 10 different varieties of mozzarella that come in different shapes, size and taste. Thank God there was a mozzarella glossary to explain each unique individual!
The menu is extensive and each dish showcases the distinct qualities of a specific type of cheese. With little knowledge and a long list to chose from, we relied on the waiter’s recommendations. In addition, do note that Latteria Mozzarella Bar serves homestyle Italian food, meaning that portions are generally bigger than what you would normally expect for a typical main course or appetiser as dishes are meant to be shared. Despite that, I do think that the prices are quite reasonable!
Mozzarella: A fresh, soft textured creamy cheese with porcelain-white colour and delicate taste. When cut, it produces a fluid with the aroma of fresh milk. It is made from either buffalo or cow milk produced in the southern Italian regions of Campania and Puglia. It is served fresh at room temperature.
Stracciatella, Bottarga & Roast Zucchini ($20). So Stracciatella literally means “little rags”. It is a mix of shredded cow’s mozzarella and fresh cream. I think this has got to be my favourite of all the mozzarella variants. It was delightfully rich and creamy and I just loved how you could lick your fork and have that piece of cheese just melt in your mouth. I thought the briny bottarga helped brought out the slight sweetness of the cheese; however, I felt the zucchini quite unnecessary. The cheese was good on its own and the zucchini didn’t provide any textural or flavour contrast either.
Burratina, Roast Pumpkin & Truffle ($20). Burratina is basically the smaller version of burrata, which is a fresh artisanal cheese from Puglia made from cow milk mozzarella and cream. It has a solid silky otter shell and soft creamy centre.
I had expected this to be as creamy and rich as the former, but I found this rather disappointing. The exterior was quite firm, but the interior failed to tantalise my tastebuds with that soft creamy centre that it promised. Yet, I absolutely loved the pumpkin and I do think that the soft texture of the pumpkin was a pretty good combination to the slightly firm cheese. The truffle was totally unnecessary. It was just a paste and didn’t really add any flavour or aroma.
Sfoglia, Proscuitto, Truffle, Rucola ($20). Sfoglia is fresh cow milk mozzarella “wrap”. I was particularly amazed by how firm this cheese was actually that it was able to encompass so many ingredients. It was also quite mild, supporting the flavours of the other ingredients. However, I felt that the salty proscuitto was almost too overpowering for you to fully appreciate and savour the earthy truffle. 
Latteria Mac & Cheese ($25). I was totally not expecting mac and cheese served in a hallowed pumpkin! The pumpkin was of course amazing, soft and naturally sweet. However, even though there was four different types of cheese baked with the pasta, the flavours were actually quite subtle to the point that it just tasted almost quite bland… It was also quite dry and I just wished that there was more of that gooey cheese to go along with it.
Porcini & Burrata Pasta Bake ($25). This too had the same problem with the mac and cheese. It was a tad dry for my linking and I wished that it had been screaming cheese. 
Truffle & Smoked Mozzarella Risotto ($25). The risotto was actually our favourite main of the night (after the sea bass of actually). It was cooked perfectly, the rice was still al dente and you could really taste the truffle flavour and smokey accents of the mozzarella. 
Linguine Crab & Mascarpone ($25). This dish was quite tasty, but I couldn’t really single out the mascarpone? It felt just like the standard tomato cream/vodka sauce. We also felt that they were a little heavy handed with the mascarpone/cream.
Grilled Whole Seabass Amalfitana ($35). I especially love Italian style grilled fish. I don’t know how they do it but the fish turns out to be just so flavourful. The skin was crispy and the flesh was so flaky and had just the right texture. I could eat this all by my own! 
Located in the heart of Duxton Hill near the Central Business District. Latteria Mozzarella Bar is the perfect place for both casual and business meals. It embodies characteristics of a quality Italian restaurant, and you are made to feel welcomed at home with impeccable service and the rustic setting. I do recommend that you bring a bunch of your friends along because portions are evidently generous and I am sure you would like to experience all the different types of cheese. I hear that they also serve a 3 course set lunch at just $28 and even serve kids free pasta with ever 2 a-la-carte orders or every set lunch!
Latteria Mozzarella Bar
40 Duxton Hill
Tel: 6866 1988
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