Ogura Cake


An Ogura Cake or 相思蛋糕 (xiang si dan gao) originated from Batu Pahat, in the state of Johor. It is basically a take on the classic sponge cake baked using the steam-bake method. 相思 literally means lovesick. The story behind this cake is, a woman who lived in Batu Pahat was pining for her Japanese husband named Ogura. Thus, she decided to bake a “lovesick” cake. However, little did she know that he had actually died.
Anyway, the Ogura Cake is made using the same method as a Chiffon Cake. You have 2 batters – the egg yolk mixture, and the egg whites. It may sound simple, but you really have to ensure that every step is done properly, so you can achieve the perfect light and airy texture in the end-product. Like many standard cake recipes out there, you may not get this right in the first time round. The cake might deflate, or it may lose moisture, or it may become dense… But fear out, I do have a few tips for first-timers, and what’s baking without fun in the kitchen? 🙂
Firstly, you’ll need to prepare all your ingredients, measure them and align them, before you actually start preparing the mixtures. And line your pan as well. Because the longer you let your cake batter stand, the denser the cake will become and your cake won’t rise.
Secondly, make sure you sift the flour, bit by bit, when adding it into the egg yolk mixture. This ensures a smooth mixture and the last thing you would want in your Ogura Cake is bits of lumps.
Next, the egg whites should be whisked till STIFF peaks, not soft peaks. You really need that lightness from the egg whites. Then when folding in the egg whites into the egg yolk mixture, do not over mix. Mix only everything is even in colour, but making sure you scrap down the sides and the bottom.
Then, after you have poured the cake batter into the pan, tap the table softly to ensure the batter is evenly distributed.
Lastly, once the cake is done baking, let it cool in the pan for 10 minutes, before unfolding it and letting it cool on a wire rack. This prevents the cake from deflating too much.
You can have your Ogura Cake in any flavour – sesame, pandan, or even lemon. But I decided to jazz things up a little and make this a tri-flavoured, and tri-coloured, Ogura Cake with Vanilla, Chocolate and Coffee flavour. When I gave my cousin a slice, she had it layer by layer, preferring to savour each flavour individually. And when I gave it to my grandmother, she devoured it all at once, savouring all the flavours together. Well, you’re definitely free to eat it however way you want it, but don’t you just love tasting all the different flavours at once and having a party in your mouth? 🙂
I really love this cake. It’s so light and fluffy, that it almost makes you feel as if you were in dreamland. And because its so light, you won’t even feel guilty even after eating a big slice, and you’ll be sure to go back for seconds. It’s pretty healthy I would say – no butter, and not overly loaded with sugar like the standard dessert cakes. So who says you can’t have your treat and be healthy at the same time? 🙂
For more on this recipe, be sure to check out my guest post on Yummly! 🙂


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  1. mydearbakes says:

    Aww, I never get tired seeing lovely bakes like this. =)

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