Barcelona, Spain: Fabian Maremagnum


Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been so MIA recently but I’m sure Elisa has been keeping you well occupied with her awesome food adventures! But I’m back to blogging so stay tuned for some Christmas recipes coming up 🙂 For now, let me share some of the awesome food I had on my recent holiday to Spain.
It is common knowledge that the quintessential Spanish dish synonymous with Spanish cuisine is paella, a rice dish infused with herbs such as saffron and cooked with different kinds of meat and seafood. It is often considered by non-Spanish as Spain’s national dish, and naturally, I ate ALOT of paella when I visited Spain. However, it turns out that Spain isn’t just famous for its paella. The Spanish make really really really good pizzas too, probably borrowing some inspiration from their nearby neighbors Italy.
One particular Spaniard who really knows how to make a mean pizza is Fabian Martin, and his pizza-making abilities are clearly recognized worldwide as he enjoys the title of the Pizzas World Champion awarded respectively in New York and Naples on separate occasions. Pizza in Spain had not disappointed up to that point, delivering the thin crust and amazing toppings that my family is so fond of, and we were sure that pizza by a world champion, no less, would not disappoint.
Fabian Maremagnum, the pizzeria opened by Fabien Martin in the heart of Barcelona, is located at Port Vell in Barcelona, at the end of Las Ramblas, the main shopping area. To get to this shopping centre, you have to cross a beautiful bridge that offers wonderful views of the waters on both sides, as well as a clear look at the looming structure of the Maremagnum where the restaurant is located. The tantalizing views and the brisk walk across the bridge only whetted our appetites for pizza even more!Image
Sticking to our usual schedule of lunch at about 12pm, we were the first to arrive at the restaurant just as it opened. (A curious thing we learnt about the Spanish during our trip is that they eat all their meals pretty late, at least by our standards. They have lunch at around 3, pre-dinner drinks and finger food at about 7, then dinner at 9-10pm, and each meal can stretch for a couple of hours depending on the number of courses. This is probably common across most European countries though).
The decor was simple and clean, sticking to the use of mainly wood and glass. One of the walls consisted of a glass cabinet displaying a variety of wine and liquor bottles, which was pretty interesting as a wall feature. There was also a terrace overlooking Port Vell, providing breathtaking views of the water as you ate. With such simple and clean decor, we were sure that the main attraction had to be the food.
The menu offered a variety of dishes, featuring an array of pizzas and calzones (folded pizza or turnover shaped like a half-moon and made of salted bread dough, filled with usual pizza toppings) as well as tapas and pastas. Image
Roma (10 euros): Tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, basil and sweet ham. One of the most basic pizzas on offer with the simple addition of ham on a usual magarita (plain) pizza.
Lasagna (11 euros): a tender beef filling sandwiched between lasagna noodles cooked al dente, covered with a light cream sauce that rounded up the dish perfectly. My sister, the lasagna addict in the family, proclaimed this on of the best lasagnas she has ever ever tasted. My dad, the more objective taster, agreed that it was a good plate of lasagna as the sauce was creamy without being too thick and overwhelming, and the beef filling was tender and juicy.
Four Seasons (10 euros): Tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, sweet ham, basil, mushrooms and black olives. With the same oven-fired thin crust that the rest of the pizzas had, this pizza proved to be one of the most delicious as the vegetables and sweet ham complemented each other perfectly. The black olives provided a nice crunch with every bite and the sweet ham and cheese offered the slightest hint of saltiness to really make this pizza stand out.
Tropical (10 euros): Tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, bacon, pineapple, sweet ham and basil. Very similar to the Four Seasons pizza mentioned above, but with the addition of bacon and pineapple! As such, this was much sweeter thanks to the pineapple and probably more kid-friendly as a result!  Image Image
Calzone (12 euros): A folded pizza made with a thick sour dough crust and stuffed with tomato sauce, ham and cheese. Definitely more substantial than the normal flat pizza due to the thicker dough, and slightly more fun to eat as the fillings threatened to spill out everytime you cut into it. There was also more tomato sauce as the calzone proved to be a more capable vehicle for holding sauce as opposed to a normal pizza. An interesting dish if you are ever in the mood for something a little different from a usual pizza!
Overall, a memorable experience with good pizza and a lovely view that proved to be a great last meal in Barcelona. While the pizza toppings were pretty standard and there wasn’t a great variety of toppings that are offered in other more modern pizzerias, each pizza was grilled to perfection and the toppings were fresh, succulent and juicy! Definitely simple pizza at its best!
Fabian Maremagnum 
Maremagnum’s Terrace, Floor 2. Restaurant 207
Maremagnum Building, Moll d’Espanya
5 – 08039 Barcelona
Tel: 932 258 155 




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