Miam Miam


Miam Miam is a new French-Japanese café kitchen that promises to deliver consistently excellent experiences with its perfectly engineered meals. It does this by sticking true to the old-school Japanese charms of Kaizen and Kanban in its food and preparation practices. This means that only the freshest and sustainable ingredients are sourced, and everything is prepared from scratch, measured and cooked to precise timings. As such, you can be assured that every plate has been thoroughly tested, experimented with and adjusted/changed/tweaked, to produce the perfect balance of taste, flavor and even portion size/amount of each ingredient.
With the highest priced item only at $18.80, Miam Miam is committed to delivering exquisite flavours at affordable prices. By setting up chains in different continents, they gain direct access to quality ingredients. And by buying these ingredients in large volumes, they are able to pass on these cost savings to consumers (Spreading out of total fixed costs over a larger volume of output … Finally some application of Internal Economies of Scale in Econs :p)
Miam Miam takes much inspiration from the age-old Japanese establishment of Kissaten, which literally means “tearoom”. Upon entering, you immediately feel that sense of welcome and casualness. Dim lightings, rustic wooden tables and chairs, and an open kitchen create a warm and laid-back atmosphere that is fit for any and every type of occasion.


We started off with a Matcha Hot Chocolate ($7.80).
If you have read this blog often enough, you would have known that I looooveeee everything Chocolate, esp Dark Chocolate. I remember a few years back, we were in Milan for Summer and I wanted a COLD Chocolate so badly cause it was sooo hot. And we didn’t know how to say “cold” in Italian and my sister had mixed up caldo (hot) with freddo (cold). So in our attempt to order Cold Chocolate, we ordered 3 Hot Chocolates.  Yup, but I drank it anyway, since its still Chocolate :p. Ok enough with the ramblings…
A Green Tea/Matcha Latte’s got to be second in line after my favourite Hot Chocolate. My favourite Hot Chocolate has to be the one at Laduree because it’s feels exactly as though you are drinking melted dark chocolate. So thick and creamy, and luscious and warm. It’s soooo good (Gotta be on all of your bucket lists 🙂 ) But unfortunately, you can’t find that perfect cup of Hot Chocolate so easily, especially in SG. Most of them are like liquidy, almost like drinking just a warm chocolate milk, not at all creamy or the least bit chocolaty at all. A Green Tea Latte on the other hand, wherever you get it, is amazingly creamy and rich in flavor. So combining the flavor of good quality Dark Chocolate with the richness and delicate flavor of a Matcha Latte, you get the best of both worlds with this Matcha Hot Chocolate. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it? 🙂
Also, Miam Miam uses premium Grade 1 (the highest grade) Matcha. So rest assure, you will taste only the sweetest and deepest flavor, and the finest and smoothest texture of Matcha.
The Peanut Butter & Banana Milkshake ($8.20) was a recommended drink. While all PB lovers should order this drink, do make sure you either share this with another friend, or you have it after your meal. Because let me warn you, this drink is reallllllly thick and will fill your stomachs to the brim even before you drink half of it.
Miam Miam serves Japanese style pastas, that unlike that of the Italians or Americans, are lighter and have cleaner flavours. Also, each portion of raw pasta measures 110g and is then doused in boiling water and cooked for exactly 7.5 minutes. The results are pasta with that elusive al dente texture. Who knew that cooking pasta could be so technical?
The Miam Miam Capellini ($15.80) is served with sautéed pork frankfurters, tomatoes, baby spinach, eggplant, bacon and a perfectly soft boiled egg (like the ones you get at Yakun, yumz). We were advised to break the egg and mix it altogether so you get that creamy texture coating each and every strand of pasta. This dish is probably the all time favourite because it is so balanced in its flavours – the salty bacon, sweet and healthy vegetables and creamy yolk that thickens up that sauce.
The Squid Ink Pasta ($16.80) is tossed in extra virgin olive oil, squid rings and finished with a wasabi infused oil. As compared to the previous dish, this was not as flavourful and the wasabi taste was sooo subtle that it was almost indistinguishable. If you want to taste it, I would recommend eating this first before any other dishes. Plus, if you’re in for the experience of having black teeth and lips (just for the fun of it), go for it 🙂
If you want something deceptively mainstream but quite uniquely one-of-a-kind, go for the Carbonara ($15.80). Unlike the typical cream-based dish with a generous serving of bacon and cheese, this has just the slightest shaving of cheese, the thinnest serving of sauce, and is dependent on that raw egg yolk to give it its richness and creaminess. So considering that it is still a Carbonara, it is still amazingly light for its kind and I quite love the thick salty pieces of bacon 🙂 Sounds sinful, but hey, not really hahah.
The Soufflé De Nauge ($15.50) is sautéed rice in a tomato base, topped with fluffy clouds of egg and cheese. The soufflé was just so perfectly raised and you’ve just got to dive your spoon through. While the melted cheese makes every bite really creamy, the lightness and airiness of the egg whites offsets that richness and you don’t quite feel so sinful. Just like the Carbonara.
Riz Au Curry ($15.50) is baked rice with homemade Japanese curry, pork frankfurters, broccoli cheese and egg. Unlike the pasta dishes, this one doesn’t require you to mix the egg and everything altogether. Also, unlike the savoury soufflé, you do feel the dish becoming too heavy after a while because every bite is so moist, rich and thick. Not saying that it isn’t good, it is really flavourful (the curry alone had 36 ingredients we hear), just that the flavours and textures may be too strong for one, especially compared to the much lighter dishes previously.
I would recommend savoury dishes be shared so you would can get the different taste and flavours. Also, the portions, while for one, is actually quite good for two if you want to save space for desserts or drinks.
The Soufflé Pancakes are definitely a must try here because they’re really quite unique. If there’s one thing I would like to learn how to make, it would be this because you really can’t find such thick, comparatively fluffy pancakes anywhere else (except Hoshino Coffee, but more on that later). This one is topped with Caramelized Bananas, Toasted Almond Nibs and Vanilla Soft Serve Gelato ($12.80). It was visually delicious, but I would have to say that my expectations weren’t quite met. I felt that it was slightly denser and a wheeee bit thinner than the one at Hoshino Coffee. The bananas were realllyyy sweet, maybe less caramel? Because there’s already that ice cream.


Oh yes, because everything is made from scratch in-house, this, together with their Souffles (both sweet and savoury), require at least a waiting time of 25 minutes. So do manage your time and inform your waiters accordingly on when you want them to be served/have the kitchen start cooking it.
Chocolate Molleaux ($9.80) is basically a molten lava cake. Again, I am a loser for all things chocolate, plus I love the crunchy bits they added on the top/bottom (I can’t remember where exactly hahaha). However, I would have to say that this didn’t have that decadent lava flowing effect. It was there, but not enough, you see. A slightly shorter baking time, maybe 1 or 2 minutes, would fix it. But understandably, this is by far one of the most difficult desserts to master, at least according to Joe Bastianich!
If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll have to try their hand-dripped coffee. Brewed the old fashioned way from carefully selected 100% Arabica Beans, Miam Miam once again shows how quality ingredients, patience, science and technology, can give you a smooth coffee with an interesting earthy flavor.
Evident in almost every F&B restaurant in SG, Miam Miam is facing labour crunch. There are only just a few waiters, and they’re all running around so frantically. But I would have to commend this young Indian waiter, who’s probably just a student working part time (looks like it). He makes the effort to explain the components of each dish, and how you were supposed to eat it (like mixing the pasta etc.). I heard him telling the other diners as well, so it’s not just because we had a tasting invite. So it’s definitely quality, not quantity, making sure that each waiter is perfectly trained and understands the concept of the restaurant. So give them a little time if your orders come in too long.
Miam Miam brings the best of both French and Japanese cuisines. Its concept, and as you can see from the dishes above, is no doubt similar to Hoshino Coffee. And so comparisons are inevitable. But these particular type of offerings are so common in Japan, that it’s almost like Starbucks vs Coffee Bean. Same concept, and I assure you that both are worth the try. But understand that each restaurant has their own secrets and unique qualities, and Miam Miam’s is that it uses science and technology to construct a perfectly engineered meal. It pays attention to every single detail, and not just the quality of the ingredients. The kitchen is designed in a way that chefs are able to manoeuvre around easily and in a sequential manner, without the kitchen becoming overly chaotic.
There was a really long queue when we came. I’m not sure if its because it’s a new addition to the Bugis mall (and like every other new restaurant, the hype is pretty crazy), or because it’s the holiday season. But I’m sure that the wait will be worth it and the crowd will leave satisfied. Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations. So come really early/late or during off-peak hours eg. 2pm-6pm
Miam Miam will be opening another outlet at Westgate mall by the end of the year (really soon!), and is also looking to expand to rest of the world. Local flavours and periodic seasonal dishes will also be added, and menus will be changed regularly. So that’s another plus point to look forward to!
 Miam Miam
#02-14 Bugis Junction (Outside BHG)
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021
Tell: +65 6837 0301

Special thanks to the team from Brand Cellar and William (checking on us every now and then despite having a very busy crowd) for inviting and hosting! 

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