Garden Picks


Started out as a web-based wholesome snacks supplier with a pursuit to bring a delectable quality of dried fruits and nuts to Singaporeans, Garden Picks has since grown into one of the leading online retailers of these nutritious yet tasty goods in Singapore.
Garden Picks believe that everyone deserves the very best that Nature has to offer. Their mission is to tirelessly pick the best fruits and nuts that aren’t just of better nutrition, but are oh-so-delicious! And that’s what they’re all about – “planting” a smile in your face as you forget, just for that moment, that you are actually consuming healthy snacks that seem too delicious for its own good.
It is a well-known fact that nuts have a looooooong list of nutrition credentials and offer various health benefits such as packing high levels of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and protein, reducing the risk of diseases such as coronary heart disease and lung cancer, and even speeding up the metabolism of fats that is perfect for dieters. Its fatty, salty, creamy, savoury taste and texture make them a popular snack, accompaniment with beer, and ingredient in a host of dishes as well. Dried fruits are also excellent sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber that are essential for vitality and wellbeing. They also have considerably more nutrients than an equivalent weight of fresh fruit as they contain concentrated nutrients with no water at all.
That being said, it is evident that many people still shy away from eating dried fruits and nuts regularly as they chose to consumer equally quick and easy snacks that are not necessarily healthier, but provide instant satisfaction. This includes Ice Cream that provides a cooling sensation with its icy, creamy and smooth texture essential on a warm day. Another popular snack would be chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate anyway? (Well of course, dark chocolate does have some benefits, but I doubt many prefer the bittersweet dark chocolate to the creamier and sweeter milk and white chocolate)
But with a global rise in obesity and health problems, it’s time for the world to realize that our eating habits must be changed. Dried fruits and nuts are obviously far superior choices as snacks between meals than many of the other options out there. While some may lament that these wholesome snacks are more expensive than the usual criminals, spending a little more goes a long way in ensuring that our body receives the essential nutrition to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.
We’ve gotten the opportunity to try these goodies and I assure you that they are of the highest quality and freshness. What distinguishes them from the so many dried fruits and nuts suppliers is their wide range of flavor combinations of their goods. Think Tiramisu Almonds, Mexican Salsa Cashews?? But of course, there are the usual ones such as Raw and Roasted Hazelnuts, Almonds and Walnuts. Their dried fruits include Iran Figs, Cranberry Raspberry Fusion, USA Gold Jumbo Raisin, and Philippines Mango. They also have a variety of mixes if you find yourself struggling with the wide array of dried fruits and nuts. In addition to the mainstay of dried fruits and nuts, Garden Picks also sells Organic rolled and instant oats, Organic Maple Syrup and Flaxseeds among others.
The snacks come in re-sealable bags which is awesome because we can bring it around anywhere we want, without having to tie it with a rubber band/worrying how to contain them or fear that ants will get to them before we do.


From Left: Cinnamon Almond, French Vanilla Almond, Honey Almond, Baked Almond
Our personal favorite has to be the Cinnamon Almonds!
Garden Picks does delivery for all orders above $50 and you get one free packet if you purchase more than $60. They also have an All Year Special with 3 packs for $10 only. Apart from home/office deliveries, Garden Picks also provide highly customized snack packs and goodie bags for events, assorted gift baskets for all seasons and reasons, and other services for all occasions. So pamper yourself at home and order these wholesome goodies with just a click or a phone call. After which, you can either chose to share it with your family and friends, or indulge in all of them all by yourself. But of course, the world will be a better place if we share the love and happiness with the people around us 🙂
Have I said enough? I’m sure I did 🙂 Participate in this competition by answering just a simple question! Follow the instructions and stand a chance to win a Garden Picks Double Platter Gift Bundle worth $30!


Garden Picks
8A Admiralty Street #06-05
FoodXChange @ Admiralty 
Tel: 6659 4859


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