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I love bread. My mum and I, we are ultimate bread-lovers. Give us rice or noodles, breakfast lunch and dinner, and we’d most likely throw a tantrum by the time we get pass the 2nd day. But give us bread, any time of the day, every day, and you’d probably get a peaceful serene evening, fortunately that is.
I eat bread with milk every day for breakfast. I get bored of cereal, granola, oatmeal, yogurt or eggs. I could live on sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Any type of sandwich (I bring sandwiches to school for lunch almost every day). My mum, well, I think she could just live on brioche and baguettes. Our favorite part of the meal at Joel Robuchon, other than their fantastic extravagant elaborate dishes, is their extensive selection of wonderful bread – brioches so fluffy and soft, baguettes so crunchy on the outside and smooth on the inside, croissants so buttery that it melts right in your mouth – every piece is heaven in a bite. What’s more, their brioches come in different flavours, saffron, basil and citrus among others.
Forget those stereotypes that Asians require rice or noodles as their staple diet. I remember that McDonald’s entry into the HongKong market was fraught with obstacles as HongKong residents did not take readily to the fast food culture of America and viewed McDonald’s more as a snack rather than a complete meal. As such, McDonald’s had to adapt its marketing strategy to fit the local culture, to the extent of including rice burgers on its menu to provide a dietary option that was more in sync with the local diet of rice as food staple. Neh, if it were me, I’d be totally fine with hamburger buns 😀
However, lets face the truth and the truth hurts. Sooner or later, too much of something is definitely detrimental to one’s health. Or blatantly speaking, too much of something killsl you. My mum and I are both Blood Type O and all these wheat and flour are not beneficial for our health. According to the Blood Type Diet, Blood Type O should restrict consumption of grains, breads, legumes and beans. The leading factor in weight gain is the gluten found in wheat germ and whole wheat products, which interferes with insulin efficiency and slow down metabolic rate. Not extremely pleasant to hear to our dismay, given our years and years of bread indulgence 😦
Fortunately, I found out about these organic breads from Olive & Green, a homegrown Singaporean brand, and got to try them. Not only are these bread suitable for our (Blood Type O) digestive system – which means yay more bread and less to worry about! 🙂  – but also in this day and age of “Health maniacs” and Health gurus, nothing can get healthier than these. And I mean it. Nothing.
Founded by Singaporean Desmond Tan about six years ago, Olive & Green aims to create healthier-eating options for people. A vegan himself, Desmond was motivated by his passion to create healthier food options and share them with people to replace with in their existing diet.
Made with their signature Hippocrates Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Sprouted Wheat, these breads from Olive & Green are 100% vegan and vegetarian, and contain more nutrients than any other type of bread currently sold in the market. Also, no sugar, garlic or onions have been added to these breads, and are naturally sweetened with organic fruits, Jordan dates and nuts. Other ingredients include natural yeast, evaporative distilled water, and mineral-rich salt from the Himalayan Mountains. Best of all, they’ve been awarded the “Asia Pacific Super Health Brand New Health 100” in 2010! The result? Flavourful bread that doesn’t make you feel bloated but is enough for that quick energy boost all day!
Sprouting of wheat before baking
To make sprouted wheat, they use organic whole grains imported from Canada to create their own sprouts before grinding them into a mash to make breads of it. You may ask, why go through all that process when you can just get dried sprouted flour? Well, that’s because raw grains, seeds and nuts contain enzyme inhibitors and micro toxin that blocks the absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc by our bodies. Sprouting thus eliminates all these by converting starch and gluten in each grain into nutrients easily digested by the body.
On top of that, Olive & Green stays firm in their passionate beliefs of L.O.V.E – Live, Organic, Vegan Eco. They believe in their efforts in preventing global warming by simply eating less meat or providing tasty vegan alternatives without the use of pesticides and chemical additives.
I have to say that with such healthy ingredients, and without any preservatives or eggs or baking powder even, all these breads boast an amazingly light and fluffy texture and your teeth sink right into the softness of the bread. In addition, each and every bread is like a flavor burst in your mouth – distinct and absolutely flavoursome.
Chocolate & Date Olive Oil Bun
So let’s start with my personal favourite – Chocolate & Date Olive Oil Bun. Sugarless chocolate and Jordan Deri dates are the star ingredients of this product. No sugar. Yet, it was still sweet and palatable. Take a bite, and you would be greeted with a generous amount of chocolate – sugarless dark chocolate – and also in other words, my favorite and what I particularly like about this.
Blueberry Olive Oil Bread. Instead of dried blueberries, wild blueberries are used here which explodes in our mouth when you bite into it. It is juicy, luscious, sweet, and everything you associate with a fresh berry.
O&G Cranberry Olive Oil Bun
Cranberry Olive Oil Bread. This was my mum’s favourite simply because there was sooooo many cranberries in every corner and every inch of the bread. The cranberries themselves were sweet and almost honeyed, not at all tart at the very least. Many studies have proven that cranberries have several health benefits due to its unique combination of proanthocyandins and antioxidants. In addition, there are chia seeds as well, which makes this all the more delectable and healthier!
O&G banana olive oil bread
Banana Olive Oil Bread. This includes fresh organic Dole bananas. And the result is an exceptionally strong banana aroma that hits you when you first open the package, and a tremendously nectarous banana flavor when you bite into it. It is by far the most banana-ish you can ever find in a Banana bread.
To preserve the freshness, it is recommended to freeze the breads. It may be eaten straight from the freezer without thawing – it tastes like ice cake! – or steamed, toasted, or just thawed under cover for 30 minutes.
Olive & Green’s products can be found in various organic shops, or you can place an order online to get the items delivered to you. Other than breads, they also have Organic Inner Beauty Packs, Organic Super Foods such as Omega-3 Premium Chia Seeds, Sprouted Quinoa Rice and Organic Carob Syrup, and even Organic Inner Sense Eco Wear!
It is evident that Desmond Tan’s immense passion to share nutritional food and healthy-eating tips with people has led him to continue to be at the forefront of food innovation through extensive nutritional research and the strict use of only natural and organic ingredients in his product innovations. Also, empowering customers with useful knowledge on healthy eating is not only good for the body, but saves the planet as well!
Olive & Green
EPG Organic Vegetarian LLP
8A Admiralty Street
#06-30 FoodxChange
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