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The Plaza Sg extension has become my family’s favorite dining destination ever since it opened last year to house just so many great Japanese restaurants/café. In particular, Hoshino Coffee is the one place that all of us have a mutual love for (Well, yes we’re a family with vastly different likes and dislikes). With a cozy laid-back environment, accompanied with affordable delectable food that caters to all taste buds, what’s there not to love about it?
It is the more upmarket and artisanal sister of the huge Japanese coffee chain Doutor Coffee, who has also opened its first outlet in Singapore at the Marina bay Financial Centre. They are managed by D&N Singapore, which is part of the parent company Doutor Nichires Holdings in Japan. D&N Singapore also runs Japanese-style spaghetti restaurant chain Yomenya Goemon – or better known as Hiroshi Goemon in Japan – and Chinese restaurant chain The Asian Kitchen. Promising ain’t it? Yes, they’ve been doing brisk business every since they opened.
I’ve been meaning to post this since ages ago. But I’ve never got the chance to, simply because everytime I decide to do so, I find myself going to Hoshino Coffee again. So I’d tell myself “Well ok, I’ll blog about it after this. Then I’ll have more pictures of different dishes.” And so, it never actually gets posted – just because my family and I go there countless of times.
On our lucky days, we would be the first few in the queue and the waiting time would approximately be 10minutes. Yet, at other unfortunate times, the queues would be snakingly long that the waiting time would be approximately 30minutes. We would disappointedly turn away. And because of that, we greatly try our best to avoid weekends and peak hours at all cost! (Though admittedly, there are exceptions – that is when we were just dying to have their pancakes and soft serves :)).
To me, Hoshino Coffee is a place to splurge our calories and just not care for a little while. It’s a comforting and inviting place, where you are (probably) meant to eat as much as you want till your tummy gets filled to the brim and leave satisfied. And yes, you will be willing to order plates and plates and plates, the whole menu even, maybe (Go ahead 🙂 cause it’s worth it).
“Fuwa-Fuwa” (fluffy) Hoshino Soufflé ($15.80). Other than their well-known Hand-dripped Coffees and Soufflé pancakes, this is the one thing that you must order – regardless of how you feel about the mixing of savoury and sweet. Firstly, you would be enticed by its huge golden puffy top – light and fluffy, yet standing tall and proud without a trace of deflation. Then, dig in to devour all those delicate flavors – grains of rice with bits of mushroom, salty bacon and sausage baked in a slight tomato sauce, and all smothered with the creamiest foam and all the cheesy goodness. Despite its hefty portion, it was never an arduous task wiping it clean. I would actually wonder how much egg whites this requires and how long it actually took to whip them all into their fluffiest states. It is definitely a formidable competitor to its sweet counterpart.
“Hoshino” Pot-Baked Curry Rice ($15). The curry was not overly sweet, spicy or overpowering. It also had just the right kind of consistency. And I absolutely love how the egg yolk made the dish all the more creamier. My only complaint would be that it was a rather small pot!
Tomato Cream “Omu” Rice with Shrimp & Mozzarella ($15). Again, fluffy eggs enclosing such flavorful rice with bits of mushroom and bacon, surrounded by a creamy tomato sauce. The Mazzarella was absolutely a fresh welcome as it was not only an element of surprise, but it was also able to bind all the sauce together and make it all the more creamier.
Lobster Bisque Soup Spaghetti ($16).  A Western dish with a Japanese touch. Prepared with tomato sauce, the “soup” was creamy and rich enough – just enough that you won’t feel jelak at all. The pasta was cooked al-dente, which is always an extra point of course.
“Arrabiata” Spaghetti with Eggplant & Tomato ($15). A very simple dish, yet comforting in its own way.
Squid Ink Pasta ($15).
Shrimp, Avocado & Egg Toast ($9.80).
Minestrone Soup ($6.50).
Hoshino Coffee is known for its “Hand-Dripped” Coffee, using only selected premium Arabica roasted coffee beans. Indeed, the coffee flavor and aroma is especially distinct – maybe a little stronger than your regular coffee I would say. Perfect to go along with desserts 🙂
Hot Cafe Latte ($7). And 50% for a refill! Perfect. 
Iced Café Latte ($7.50). Just like in a coffee shop 🙂
 Iced Matcha ($7.50). Just pure green tea. No milk, no sugar. Refreshing indeed. However, I thought the matcha flavour was a slightly stronger at Nana’s Green Tea Cafe.
French Toast ($9.80): with Homemade Whipped Butter & Maple Syrup. This isn’t your regular French Toast. Well firstly, it isn’t a typical brioche bread drenched in custard and then fried. This is probably baked I guess. And it wasn’t dense at all. Yet, I wouldn’t say it was light either. It was soft and chewy in the very slightest bit. I loved how the butter had such a pure flavor yet extremely creamy at the same time. Also, it had a slight vanilla flavor and actually the one type of cream that I would constantly go back for and eat it just on its own. Then again, I would prefer if it was topped with a softee – so it’ll be a perfect match of warm and cold, and also because softees make the world go round :)).
Matcha Souffle ($9.80): This French originated dessert is made with a combination of stiffly beaten egg whites added into a smooth & rich custard. The green tea flavor was undoubtedly distinct here. Yet, it was a little too strong for my mum’s palate. She didn’t think it was sweet enough. This is definitely for die-hard-matcha fans. But for the average diners like us, we would definitely appreciate a softee to top it all of. Nonetheless, like its savoury counterpart, the soufflé was light, fluffy, and creamy all at once! 🙂
Chocolate Parfait ($12). Anything with chocolate and soft serve is an absolute delight.
Matcha Parfait ($12). This had probably sat out in the counter for too long 😦 Sad looking softee. Anyway, I personally thought that the green tea flavor here in the softee was not as strong as that in the soufflé. Hmmmm. And yes, I enjoyed this Matcha dish a lot more!
And well yes, last but not least, Hoshino Coffee’s very own Soufflé Pancakes. The pancakes were warm when it arrived and definitely the perfect vehicle to soak up all that sweetness and goodness from the various toppings. It’s absolutely one gorgeous plate – thick, yet fluffy, airy, light and not heavy in any way. However, do note that this will usually take about 30minutes as they are freshly made on the spot. Also, they can only accommodate 6 at any time. So be sure to inform your waiter when you’re halfway through your main course! It’s definitely worth the wait nevertheless.
Pancake Souffle Style ($9.80): Whipped Butter and a Choice of Maple Syrup, Honey or Brown Sugar Syrup
Pancake Souffle Style with & Matcha “Ogura” Bean Paste ($13.50): Whipped Butter and a Choice of Maple Syrup, Honey or Brown Sugar Syrup
Pancake Souffle Style with Mango ($13.50): Whipped Butter and a Choice of Maple Syrup, Honey or Brown Sugar Syrup
Overall, Hoshino Coffee is a place where you would feel at home. I don’t exactly know the secret behind Hoshino Coffee’s success, given that it has pretty much the same concept to the likes of other Japanese-Western Cafes such as Pasta de Waraku and Yomenya Goemon. However, one thing that I do know for sure is that although their food is nothing fancy, every single aspect of the dish is done to perfection, almost. From the cleanest presentation, to the complex textures and flavours, the snakingly long queues is indeed a testament to their satisfying delicious meal. It is undoubtedly quality over quantity, unlike many places with extensive menus. Here, their menu is simple and straightforward. While service can definitely be improved as the waiters tend to have lack of awareness at times, this is definitely made up for when you start savoring every scrumptious bit of your food. It’s definitely worth it. Go there for a cup of coffee, or just a softee, then sit back and relax on their comfortable leather arm chairs – read a magazine or watch a video – you’ll feel just at home.
Hoshino Coffee
68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura
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  1. Aldora says:

    I have visited this place last night. The main courses taste great just that the desserts were a tad too disappointing. Also, the service was not fantastic.

    For my version of the review, pls visit: http://musings-of-a-rabbit.blogspot.sg/2013/12/hoshino-coffee-plaza-singapura.html

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