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“We all have, what I like to call, an internal hamster wheel. How fast we run on it depends on the level of stress in our lives. This hamster wheel continuously spins and we, without fail, keep it going with busy schedules, goals and agendas. But on occasion, we get to step down off that wheel and just take in the moment around us. Not the moment that is filled with seconds, minutes, hours and endless to-do lists, but the bigger, overall moment.” – Gracious Pantry
Mmhmm, well said.
And on days I get to step off that internal hamster wheel, I’d look forward to the time spent with my family and friends – although I would have to admit that the former is, for most of the times, much more fulfilling and satisfying, despite all the constant naggings and demands I receive from my parents on a regular basis. The one thing my family has in common is for the love of food. Every week – that is if time permits – we’d go to new places, from the east to the west, and from the north to the south. Yes, we’d give every corner of Singapore a thorough check. If its for food, we’d go the extra mile. Indeed, food has that power to make a gloomy day shine. But more importantly, it has that power to bring people of all sorts of backgrounds together.
In short, food is good.
What better way then, to spend a day off with my best people in the world – mum and dad 🙂 (I’m sorry sister hehe) – than at PS. Café – my family’s favorite comfort hideout. Therapeutic as it is. (Read PS. Cafe Paragon here!)
We decided to visit the branch at Dempsey (instead of our usual at Palais Renaissance that was more chic and classy) as we were craving for some of the outdoors – fresh air and greenery. We arrived at 12pm and not surprisingly, it was as packed as usual, busier than a fish market, and noisier than a courtroom with judges and the public buzzing over disagreed issues.  Mmhmm, but we were prepared to wait anyway.
And finally, after a good 45min – well spent by walking around Dempsey – we got our table by the window that overlooks the open field. It was also just near the door to the outdoor seating. The perfect seating 🙂
Homemade Toasted Muesli Greek yoghurt & berry compote topped with our homemade almond & seed, honey toasted muesli. I love greek yogurt, and I love toasted muesli, which is basically granola. But what makes this so special is because every component was so carefully thought through with the end vision in mind. Texture, colour, flavor, taste – Everything. It was the perfect breakfast/brunch dish 🙂 The muesli was crunchy, sweet, and was nicely paired with the silky, slightly tart greek yogurt. The berry compote also added some moistness which tied the dish altogether. And of course like any other PS Café plates, this was humongous and beautifully plated. A plus point of course! So I strongly encourage you to get this because it’s not like or average parfait. I could eat it all day, even if my tummy were about to explode.
Blueberry Pancakes Blend of whole wheat & spelt flour, buttermilk & fresh blueberries griddled & served with whipped butter & Vermont maple syrup. My mum has been on a pancake/French toast (Best French toast at Dean & Deluca!) crave lately. If either were on the menu, she’d get it. If both were on the menu, she’d get both. Yup, sugar overload is extremely common (She doesn’t like savory ones unfortunately). I felt that this pancake was alright. It was light and soft, but I felt that it could have been somehow fluffier. The kitchen could be more generous with the blueberries as well. But I absolutely love how you could just drown your pancake in maple syrup and that it would soak all the sweet gooey goodness and you would be delighted with an explosion of a unique sweetness, that no sugar other than maple brings, in your mouth. Maple syrup, when done right, is not overly sweet and thick. It has the ability to cover up any mistakes that a bad pancake has. And therefore, pancake + maple syrup has always been a traditional perfect combination. Whoever came up with this pairing is indeed a genius.
PS. Greenhouse Salad Fresh salad leaves, blueberries, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, mung beans, toasted sunflower seeds & fresh herbs tossed with pomegranate & honey dressing. As simple as it sounds, a salad can be sophisticated and flavorful. A restaurant can even be judged based on how well they do their salads. Good restaurants do not merely toss a few ingredients together and call it a ‘salad’. Instead, they combine together a mixture of fresh ingredients which complement one another not only in taste, but also in texture and colour. So look at this salad, sweet blueberries and pomegranates that burst in your mouth; crunchy baby carrots, that was slightly caramelized, and mung beans; colour from the radiant cherry tomatoes; and freshness from the sunflower seeds and herbs that elevated the entire dish. It was amazing. 
PS. Bolognaise Spaghetti with homemade ground beef, bacon & tomato sauce with and grated Parmesan and crispy basil leaves. A simple dish, but nonetheless tasty and flavourful! It’s comfort food at its best.
As usual, service is one of the best – most genuine and friendly, prompt and efficient. Staffs really do make the effort to go out of their way to make sure your dining experience is as enjoyable as ever. They mingle and chat with guests whenever possible, and their enthusiasm really shine through in their work. Extremely commendable.
Although prices are not exactly cheap, my family and I have never failed to go back to PS Café again and again simply because they offer a holistic experience for the diner – the ambience, the service, and of course the above average and almost top-notch food. It’s definitely a place you can’t get tired off.
PS. Cafe
28B Harding Rd
Tel: +65 9070 8782
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