Eggs and Berries


Tucked away in a cosy little corner...

Tucked away into a small little corner of Changi City Point is a restaurant that is particularly popular with the weekend brunch crowd. Or at least that’s what seemed to be the case when I went there with my family last Sunday. The restaurant was almost completely full and the only tables that were available were the ones on the verandah, where it was obviously more humid and uncomfortable (so less people want to sit there, I guess). There were both couples and friends as well as families with toddlers, so the noise level of the place was pretty high.
I really liked the set-up and decoration of the place, as it was homely enough with the comfortable chairs but also not compromising on image as the bar counter set up along one side of the restaurant gave it a very professional feel.
From the get-go the service was pretty bad as we had to wait for menus to be given to us, then wait for our orders to be taken. Also, we had to ask 3 different wait-staff before our glasses of water were served. The popularity of the restaurant did indeed prove detrimental as they were evidently short-handed and the frustration of the customers was palpable.
Trying not to let the bad service ruin our meal, we were looking forward to the food as the menu was pretty comprehensive and everything sounded lovely!
Mushroom madness.
All Time Mushrooms and Eggs ($14.50): 2 types of mushrooms with chipolata, sunny-side-up egg, hashbrown and salad. The description sounded promising enough, but when the actual food came it was sort of a let-down. While the mushrooms were pretty yummy, being a mushroom lover myself, every other component on the plate was disappointing.  The hashbrown was especially bad as it was very oily and soggy. The mushrooms turned out to be the one redeeming part of the dish.
Egg white omelettes are full of protein and flavour!
Egg Whites and Veggies ($13.50): Assorted veggies omelette with pancakes, baked beans and salad. I never miss an opportunity to have an omelette as I find it the perfect dish. Lots of protein and such a sturdy vehicle for any fillings that you want to include, I would eat it anyday! Especially if I manage to find a way to make it into a dessert dish. Omelette musings aside, this particular omelette was pretty ordinary. If there was anything I’d like to change, it would be to include more veggies in the omelette as there was very little vegetables! 😦 everything else about this dish isn’t really worth mentioning, except the fact that they gave me a slice of french toast instead of pancakes! And  I was so looking forward to the pancakes…
Fish and Chips chilling beside the lovely scrambled eggs
Fish and Chips and Scrambled Eggs ($16.50): Breaded fish, fries, scrambled eggs and salad.  Everyone knows that scrambled eggs are one of the most difficult dishes to cook well, and when done perfectly is like a nice creamy bite of heaven. To our surprise, the scrambled eggs were cooked pretty well, although slightly overdone. The breaded fish, on the other hand, was a disaster as the batter so soooo thick that it literally clung to the fish. It was also  soggy. My poor sister refused to eat the fish and instead happily slopped up the scrambled eggs. another disappointing dish.
The pancakes are conspicuously missing!!!
Veal Sausage and Eggs ($14.80): Sausage, served with buttermilk pancakes and scrambled eggs. The scrambled eggs in this dish were also done pretty well, which was good! The sausage was declared ‘DECENT’ by my dad. However, we realised that they had forgotten to serve us the pancakes! After informing the waiter of this and waiting about 15minutes more, we were finally served the pancakes. All pancake lovers know that you only have to try a cafe’s basic pancakes to know if the rest of the pancakes will be good, and when I tried these pancakes my expectations of the restaurant sort of took a nose dive. The pancakes were rather flat and unfluffy. Also, the batter was quite thick, making the pancakes rather chewy. Mmmmmmm :/
All in all, a rather disappointing meal which was surprising considering all the pretty good reviews that I had read about the place. Maybe those meals were taken on weekdays when the restaurant would have been less crowded and the waitstaff more attentive, or maybe when they weren’t so short-handed so as to serve food that wasn’t very up to standard.
Oh well, on goes my search for more brunch places in Singapore! have a good week ahead 🙂
Eggs and Berries
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
#B1-37/38 Changi City PointTel: +65 6636 4212
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