Ginza Sushi Ichi

Ginza Sushi Ichi Singapore is the first overseas outpost of the 1 Michelin star Sushi Ichi in Tokyo (Ginza). It is the first in Singapore to offer an exquisite degustation menu featuring top-tier Kyoto Kaiseiki Ryori complemented with premium sushi offerings. The menus are carefully crafted not only based on seasonal ingredients, but also to allow diners experience a delicate series of authentic flavors, textures, smell and appearances.  All ingredients are of the highest quality, imported from Tsukiji market in Japan 4 times a week.
For the lunch menu, there is a choice of Ume ($60), Tsubaki ($110), Sakura ($170), and Omakase ($250). We opted for the Tsubaki.
P1040323Japanese leaves with Ham
P1040324Sesame dough with salt
P1040326Japanese Mackerel with Asparagus 
P1040330Chawanmushi. So silky, light and fragrant 🙂 Never had it been so comforting.
9 pieces Nigiri Sushi:
Sea Perch

Otoro (oopsie no picture 😦 A thousand apologies!)
P1040339Needle fish with Ginger
Fish Roe with Lemon Zest
As simple as it can get yumz 🙂
P1040345Anago with Yuzu and Sea Salt
Miso Soup
P1040346Tamago. Traditionally, this sweet fluffy egg cake is served at the end of the Sushi Meal as a stand-in for dessert due to its lightness. These here are exception, with a slight caramelization at the ends.
P1040347Yuzu Sorbet
Sakura Ice Cream with Seasonal Berries
Every dish here is designed meticulously and flawlessly. When Anthony Bourdain visited Sukiyabashi Jiro, 3 Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo and touted as one of the best sushi bars in the world, he explained that the difference between “utility sushi” and “perfection” is “ingredient, technique, and timing”. (See here) Indeed, I believe that Sushi Ichi has scored high on these, nothing more or less than perfection.
The dinner menu is more sophisticated, starting from Aagi ($210) to Omakase ($450). Also, as it is a really small place, reservation is a must!
Ginza Sushi Ichi
Scotts Square
No.6, Scotts Road, #02-02
Tel: 6299 0014
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