Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls


Its been awhile since we’ve posted posted a recipe or since I have posted ANYTHING and i apologise for the absence! I’m sure Elisa has been keeping you well-entertained though with her lovely restaurant reviews and beautiful pictures 🙂 but for now, I’m back with another easy recipe that is sure to please oreo-lovers/chocolate-lovers/lazy people who don’t want to turn on their oven just to make desserts and any other person who tries these lovely babies! The title of the recipe should be enough to make you salivate, I mean chocolate AND oreos? What a match made in heaven! That said, I probably say that about alot of other things for example peanut butter and chocolate (or anything with chocolate) but this pairing is right up there with the best of them!

By now, you should understand my inexplicable obsession with oreos. I eat them by the packetful. I eat them on their own. I eat them with my cereal/ice-cream. And now, I’ve also eaten them in the form of chocolate covered oreo balls ^^
Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls
From Love Veggies & Yoga
Yields 40 – 50 balls, depending on the size
36  Oreo Cookies (I used a 14 oz package and used all but 5 cookies from it)
250g Block or Tub of Cream Cheese 
2 1/4 cups of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

Crush the Oreos and stir in the cream cheese. Optional: add vanilla extract to taste, or peanut butter for some extra savoury-ness 😉 

Set in the freezer (at least 10 minutes) while making the chocolate dipping sauce by melting the chocolate chips in the microwave.

Remove from the freezer, dip the balls, and place on parchment paper and freeze again until serving.  

Store in the freezer or fridge.
Look at that gloriously short ingredients list. Only 3 ingredients, but as good or even better than any complicated mind-boggling recipe that requires  ~20 obscure expensive ingredients! HAS to be the website that I use the most when I’m looking for delicious, healthy and simple recipe. Averie, who is the brain behind the website, is just too cool and I really admire her healthy yet dessert-filled lifestyle.
Make this. Please do! I’m gonna make a batch right now to bring to school and make all my awesome friends happy ^^ here’s to the start of a great week ahead!


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3 Responses to Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

  1. Thanks for trying the recipe & linking up! Glad you enjoyed them and thanks for the nice things you said about me and my site 🙂

  2. Antoliya says:

    Wow, this looks so simple, and… so sinful 😛 Maybe I’ll give this a try!

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