Dean & DeLuca


Dean & DeLuca first started out in September 1977 as an upscale grocery store which magically fascinates everyone – foodie or non-foodie alike – with its wide array of premium gourmet food ranging from dried meat, cheese, liver, to chocolates, spreads and sauces, to all types of breads, spices and coffee beans, and even cook ware and cooking utensils. Not long after, Joel Dean, Giorgi DeLuca and Jack Ceglic introduced their first café at 121 Prince street, the heart of New York City’s SoHo gallery district and the site of the original Dean & DeLuca. It has since expanded worldwide with Singapore being the chain’s 8th overseas location. Even before this New York fine food purveyor’s first Singapore outlet opened, it had created a substantial amount of hype!
Although the retail section here is not as grand or huge as the one in SoHo, I was nonetheless more than satisfied with their impressive selection of the freshest and best products. With chock-full of premium products sourced for all over the world, there was just too much good stuff to look at and it definitely made grocery-shopping a much more complicated affair than just going in and finding what you need.
For more reasons on why you should visit Dean & DeLuca, visit Lady Iron Chef 🙂 
Their café section has a stylish and laid-back vibe, perfect for anyone escaping from the hustle and bustles of the city. The selection of food include items like soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, gourmet dishes, all day breakfast, and decadent desserts and pastries.
Dean & DeLuca has a wide variety of All Day Breakfast. My mum and I tried the New Yorker ($22) which featured Scrambled Eggs, Chives with Dilled Cured Salmon & Red Onions Served on Toasted Bagel & Cream Cheese.  However, we felt that this was nothing extraordinary. Everything was fine, just fine, except the bagel which was chewy and hard to cut and definitely not pleasing at all.
BBQ Chicken Panini ($22): Chicken breast, Caramelized onions, Barbeque sauce, Provolone cheese, served on Ciabatta. I felt that this was pleasantly delightful 🙂 The chicken breasts were tender, and I absolutely love how the bread was nicely toasted, giving it a slight crunch.
Sauteed Brioche French Toast with Caramelized Bananas and Fresh Berries with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream ($22). This decadence on a platter is one reason why you should return. Just look at the picture! 3 gorgeous slices of Brioche, crusted with crunchy cornflakes, topped with caramelized bananas, drenched in thick gooey salted caramel goodness which was complemented the tartness of the berries, and finished with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, it is definitely heaven in a bite. And I also love how the bananas were extremely fragrant!
Another reason to return for indulgence is the Berries and Flapjacks ($18): Oat and Honey Buttermilk Pancakes with Fresh Mixed Berries and Organic Maple Syrup. I’m usually a waffle person, not really a pancake person simply because I feel that pancakes are a little flavourless on its own and adding maple syrup makes it a little too sweet. Yes, I could never find the right balance. But these pancakes turned me around. These are the most fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever tried. It was so light and airy and good all by its own! However, it was even better with the high quality “Grade A Dark Amber” Maple Syrup and juicy berries. It’s beyond describable basically, you’ve got to try it.
On first look of the menu, you may think that prices are on the high side. However, just look at the hearty portion they serve! It’s definitely American portion and meant for Singaporeans to share. I mean, you can’t exactly have 3 thick slices of brioche French toast or 4 thick pancakes all by yourself! But yes, I feel that they are pretty reasonable, except for the fact that their breads, pastries, tarts and cakes might be a little expensive since they are all sourced from popular bakeries in Singapore, and not made in-house. But to enjoy Dean & DeLuca, you’ve got to forgot about the prices, about how you might have to fight for your seats during the weekends, about your upcoming tests or assignment etc., about basically everything, Even if you have to wait for a seat, or in line, or for your food, it’s all about chilling and relaxing here in Dean & DeLuca.
Given my tight schedule during the weekdays and the crowd during the weekends, I doubt I’ll be back any soon and I look forward to my next visit. But in the mean time, I will dream about French toasts and flapjacks…
Dean & DeLuca
#04-23 Orchard Central
181 Orchad Road
Tel: 6509 7708

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