Happy New Year & Table Manners :)


Hey all! 2012 has been an awesome year for Elisa and me thanks to our friends, families and lots of yummy food, and we’re kind of sad to see it pass in the blink of an eye. As each day passes, we grow older and (hopefully) wiser! We hope that this year has been as awesome for all of you as it has been for us, and we wish you all the best for the coming year!
Well-wishes aside, let’s get down to business and the main point of this post…
Due to efforts to cater to Singapore’s flourishing population, a whole mass of new shopping malls have sprung up in heartlands and business districts. One of these new malls is Changi City Point, located in the heart of Changi Business Park. Like all other malls in Singapore, it is home to an abundance of eateries offering a mouthwatering array of various cuisines to cater to the insatiable appetites of Singaporeans!
My family and I decided to head down to Changi City Point for lunch one early Sunday afternoon. Staring at the mall directory, we simply could not decide where to eat due to the wide variety of choices! In the end, we decided to try something that we had never tried before and that’s how we ended up in Table Manners, a quirky restaurant with an al-fresco  dining pavilion at the front of the restaurant.
The lovely pavilion: a perfect place to eat on a cool and windy day
The dining pavilion was beautiful, with furniture providing a homely feel to it. The fact that it was set in the middle of a koi pond upped its coolness factor! However, we opted to sit inside the restaurant instead of at the pavilion as the day was rather warm (wimpy move, I know…)
Quotes adorn the walls
The lovely placemats instructing you how to have a one-hour lunch!
The whole atmosphere of the restaurant was definitely a very quirky one, with waiters wearing t-shirts imprinted with adorable bow-ties. Witty quotes adorned the walls and wooden furniture was carefully arranged, adding to the casual atmosphere of the restaurant.
The cubby holes displayed the quirky items on sale
Like so many other cafes and eateries in Singapore, Table Manners also sells items such as lamps and colourful napkins. By displaying these items in ‘cubby holes’ along the walls, these items served a second purpose: decoration!
The set lunch menu
We decided to pick our meals from the lunch set, which consists of items from 2 categories: fiber (includes vegetables cooked in a variety of ways as well as carbohydrates such as pasta and rice) and protein (includes fish and meat). You constructed your own plates by picking items from these 2 categories, and the price of the meal would vary based on  your picked items. For example, 3 items from the fiber category costs $9.50 while 2 items from the fiber category and 2 items from the protein category cost $19 in total.
Set A
Set A ($9.50): Truffle fries, Caesar salad & Spicy Aglio Olio. The aglio olio was especially well-cooked, with the pasta cooked perfectly and the pepper providing a nice hint of flavour to the dish.
Set B
Set B ($13.50): Truffle fries, Pork Sausage & Steamed mixed vegetables. My dad felt that the sausage was alright, nothing spectacular. He did mention that the skin of the sausage was like and crisp though! He was quite disappointed with the steamed vegetables as the serving was pretty small.
Set B
Set B($13.50): Truffle fries, Spaghetti pomodoro & Roast chicken. The truffle fries must have been made in batches, as the fries with the previous 2 dishes were well-salted and you could really taste the truffle oil that was mixed in. However, the truffle fries with this dish were overly salty! I drank about 3 cups of water after eating a few of them 😦 The chicken was slightly dry too, and had to be eaten with quite alot of gravy in order to be eaten.
Set B
Set B ($13.50): Sauteed mushrooms, Broccoli with garlic crisps & Baked salmon. This was my dish, and I was pretty happy with it! The mushrooms and broccoli were lovely and cooked well! The salmon was overcooked though, so the inside was abit dry and the skin was soggy.
photo (3)
Overall, this was an enjoyable location for a nice family meal! The prices are very reasonable, even the ones on the ala-carte menu (although the set lunch portions were rather small)! While the food wasn’t anything particularly special, it was good enough and the fun and light-hearted atmosphere of the place more than made up for the food. The desserts displayed at the counter looked very appetising, and the next time we return I’ll be sure to sample the desserts! This is clearly a choice eating location as it was filled with both families and groups of youth when we went 🙂
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