Dann’s Daily – Revisited

This year has been pretty hectic and stressful for the both of us. Having to struggle both schoolwork and extracurricular activities, but at the same time not forgetting our family and friends, we were at our wit’s end almost most of the time. After each term, we’d tell ourselves, “Ok, better time management next term!” And since we’re such foodies, we’d also tell each other that we need good food, just to relax and take a break from all the hustle and bustle. Unfortunately, there goes the next term, in a blink, before we could even think through what we were supposed to do. Time flies, indeed, and it’s the end of the year already! We cannot apologize enough if we haven’t been tantalizing your tastebuds and intriguing, or exciting for food-filled minds enough. Sad to say, next year will be an even busier year for us as it’s our final year in High School. But we’ll definitely post as much as we can! After all, we’ll still need to take some breaks from all the studying don’t we (and also a little excuse to have good food :)).
Anyway, back to the main purpose of this post, it has been a while since we last visited Dann’s Daily Pescetarian Cafe  – more than a year ago to be exact. We felt it was high time that we pay them another visit, and what a coincidence that the owners of the cafe recently contacted us regarding their expanded menu featuring many new and interesting items! With much more time available in our hands due to the holidays, nothing could stop us from going down to this homey and comfortable little cafe smack in the middle of a residential area to pay them a long overdue visit.
As we stepped into the little cafe, we marveled at the cute little decorations that remained from our last visit, and the ones that had recently been added. Our favourite decorations  have to be the little balls that hang from the lights over the tables as they add such a quirky touch to the entire place.


Co-owner Christina and Calvin quickly showed us to a table and launched into an informative conversation with us. Having tried all the different types of diets, from being vegetarian to following the blood type diet (She is one adventurous woman we would say!), Christina realised that being healthy isn’t all about restricting one’s diet. Instead, it is about having a balanced palate, consuming wholesome and healthy foods without the additive and preservatives that are present in so many of the foods that we consume daily. Hence, she started this cafe after years of experimenting in her own kitchen. As it is difficult to find healthy foods in the era of fast-food that we live in today, she aims to promote the idea that even the smallest change is beneficial to our health.
A little daily makes a difference,
A little difference makes your day.
With all rich the rich and sugar-filled baked goods we bake and consume ourselves, a healthy meal would be a nice change! Paying heed to their recommendations, we ordered the following items from the menu:
Toasted Wholewheat Tortilla  Wrap Set

Toasted Wholewheat Tortilla Wrap Set

Go for whole grains which are rich in fibre and complex carbs as they give you energy to last you longer in a day!
This was Set A ($15) with Premium White Fish & Mushroom Cheese. The tortilla used here is wholemeal, which has more fibre and wholegrains than an ordinary white flour tortilla. We were happy that the tortilla was extremely crispy and thin that it can be broken with an audible ‘cracking’ sound. Finally a tortilla that wasn’t soggy or limp! The fish inside was moist and well-seasoned. It surprisingly paired nicely with the saltiness of the cheese, given that seafood and cheese is a serious no-no or a culinary taboo in western cooking. We felt that there could have been more mushrooms though. The baked chips were extremely addictive, who knew healthy food could be so alluring ^^ The medley salad was also satisfying. It is made up of Sunflower sprouts, Broccoli sprouts and Red Cabbage Sprouts tossed in extra virgin olive oil and a little sea salt. We were particularly smitten with the sprouts as we had never tried them before but found them really tasty! All in all, a generous portion indeed.
Low carbo set

Low Carbo Set 


This was Set C ($18) which includes Poached Premium White Fish, Mushroom Beetroot Patty (right), Curry Potato Patty (centre), Pumpkin Zucchini Patty (left), Greens Salad. This is a new item on the cafe’s menu, and one that we were very interested in trying. With many people trying to lose weight these days by cutting down on carbs from their diet, this set would suit them perfectly! We were excited to try the various patties that came with the set, as we had previously enjoyed the pumpkin patty during our previous visit. The colourful patties were also pleasing to the eye, although Elisa was a little skeptical as they appeared dry. But she was wrong. The patties were definitely moist and packed full of flavor. Despite not being a big fan of beetroot, the Mushroom Beetroot patty was Zara’s favourite as  taste of beetroot wasn’t overpowering and provided a slightly sweet tinge to the patty. Again, the fish was cooked to perfection – moist and decadent. An interesting and VERY FILLING meal choice that will be sure to delight weight watchers who visit the cafe.
Seafood Soup

Seafood Soup

Soups are comfort food. Hot or cold, spicy or mild, pescetarian or vegetarian, there is a soup for every taste. our soup stock is slow boiled patiently with vegetables for natural sweetness, with NO MSG.
Seafood Soup with QQ Noodles ($12). While we have never been big fans of noodle soups, we found this particular version of it really enjoyable. It was extremely hearty and wholesome – the perfect comfort food!. While the soup was slightly too peppery for our liking, we loved the plump and succulent prawns and white fish that were immersed in the soup. The wholegrain QQ noodles were also springy with a really nice texture that provided some ‘bite’ and substance, as opposed to the usual soggy and limp noodles that you’d find.
Mocha Teecino

Mocha Teecino

Mocha Latte Teecino ($5). According to Chris, Teecino, specially imported from the US, is a caffeine-free alternative to coffee. It is definitely the perfect choice for both non-coffee drinkers who wish to have a try with coffee, and coffee drinker who is unwilling to experience the possible energy high then crash that may come with drinking too much caffeine. But truthfully speaking, this is no real coffee and if you’re a hardcore coffee drinker, you might not like this drink. But with a rich full-bodied complex flavour that is slightly sweet and nutty from the flavours of dates, figs and almonds, we loved it very much!
Almond Chia Chia

Almond Chia Chia

Almond Chia Chia ($8). This drink was recommended as it has a whole host of health benefits, mostly from the chia seeds that are added to the drink. Chia seeds are curious little seeds that originate from Mexico. They are extremely small and hard in their dry form but puff up to form little gel balls when left to soak in liquid. They help balance blood sugar and provide the essential Omega-3 oil into your diet. (Read more here!) With all the chia seeds floating around in the drink (as pictured above), this drink is sure to give you a health boost upon drinking it! While we did find the taste to be pretty unique, it is something of an acquired taste and soon we were happily taking sips of this drink and finding chia seeds stuck in our teeth.


Blueberry Gula Melaka Cupcake

Blueberry Gula Melaka Cupcake

Lemon Cupcake

Lemon Cupcake

Blueberry Gula Melaka Steamed Cupcake & Lemon Steamed Cupcake served with Strawberry Cream and Glua Melaka Cream. Now for the best part of the meal, dessert! We waited with bated breath as our steamed cupcakes were brought to us. Similar to the steamed cupcakes we tried before, these were moist, dense and springy! We were especially surprised by the intense natural sweetness that the Gula Melaka provided. Although it may come of as a little too sweet initially, it was balanced perfectly with the cupcake itself and we came to love it after a few bites. The Lemon cupcake was delicious as well! The cream on the side were like the healthy versions of frostings, yet creamy and sweet nevertheless. These cupcakes are the hard work of Christina’s constant experiments and adaptations of her mother’s huat kueh recipe and it is safe to say that her hard work has definitely paid off. These cupcakes are as good as any other cupcake. But given the health benefits they offer (made with unbleached flour with all the natural sweetness and goodness coming from fresh quality ingredients), we’d definitely go for these ones any time.
They have many flavours of cupcakes that are available on different days, so we suggest you pop down on a variety of days to try the flavours they have on sale! We really loved the idea of steamed cakes and were even inspired to try steaming cakes on our own! Remember the steamed moist chocolate cake recipe we tried out?
This was an extremely satisfying and filling meal. We truly enjoyed how unpretentious and homely the cafe is. It is not your typical “healthy” cafe with just salads and greens and all. But it is a place where flavour is not compromised for health. Do check out their Facebook page for daily specials/Chef’s mood! We can’t wait to drop by next time to see what’s in store for us 🙂
Many thanks to Chris and Calvin for the invitation and being such great hosts! 🙂
It is not just what you eat,
but how you eat.
Dann’s Daily
20 Eastwood Road
#01-06 Eastwood Centre
Tel: 6449 1355

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