New York City: Colicchio & Sons


Sorry we’re 1 week late but…
Happy Thanksgiving Guys! 🙂

We didn’t get the chance to spend Thanksgiving this year with our family in New York City like the last few years. Both Zara and I were on a school trip to Bhutan and New Zealand respectively. But nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously – well hey, how could you decline a trip with all your lovely friends! For me personally, my experience to New Zealand was unexplainably enriching. I made many new friends, and we grew closer and closer each day. We learnt many new things – mainly Sports Science, but also about the Maori culture and the way of life of the Kiwis. However, we also did many outrageous things together – stalking the New Zealand Rugby Team, climbing windows running away from teachers, running around in a mall because we only had 1.5h to shop, etc etc. As compared to Singapore, New Zealand is such a laid back country. I definitely wouldn’t mind living in the countryside one day (And maybe become a farmer :p)! Last but not least, I definitely miss the weather there 😦 And I give thanks for this opportunity.
Well today’s post is long overdue. It’s Thanksgiving last year, 2011. But since I’ve never gotten the chance to post it, I figured out it’ll be good for me to post it today.
We celebrated Thanksgiving last year at Collicchio & Sons. I am a huge fan of Tom Colicchio – chief judge of Bravo Tv’s cooking competition “Top Chef”. Trust me, I’ve watched every season of top chef, and I’ve looked up every season’s top contestants. Most of them have since opened their own restaurants and they are in my “Need to eat” list. The latest I’ve visited is Top Chef Season 3 winner Hung Huynh’s restaurant CATCH.
Well back to the Thanksgiving meal.
It was a classic Thanksgiving meal – turkey, stuffing, pumpkin etc. But every dish was perfectly executed. To have everything done without any mistakes is definitely something worth praising. It reflects Tom Colicchio’s personality as almost like a perfectionist. For $115, definitely worth it. One thing I would have to comment on is the portion size. The appetizers and the desserts were just the right portion. However, the main course was humongous. Plus all the trimmings, we were extremely stuffed by the end of the meal and could barely enjoy our dessert. That was one disappointment. Well, maybe you could say that that is the spirit of Thanksgiving – to have a big feast and eat your heart out, slowly and with pleasure – but then again, it was just too much for one meal.
Apart from the food, the service at Colicchio & Sons was impeccable. Waiters would come out professionally, poised, and orderly in a single file with the dishes in their hand. They would then stand behind each diner with the respective dishes. And after a cue, they would all place the dishes down together at the same time. The restaurant was packed when we came, and it became even more packed by the time we left with swarms of people coming in continuously even at 330pm.


The softest and lightest we’ve tasted our entire life. Though it may not be as sweet or buttery as the one at Joel Robuchon, it was still decadent and practically melted in your mouth.


Complementary locally grown oysters from the bay of Massachusetts.
First Course

Market Greens with Autumn Vegetables

Side-Stripe Prawn Bisque with Roasted Salsify

Second Course

Parpadelle with Braised Duck, Black Olives & Ricotta Salata

Salt Cod Mezzaluna, Horseradish & Butterball Potatoes

Celery Root & Black Truffle Agnolotti

Third Course

Organic Eberly Farms Turkey

30-Day Dry Aged Ribeye of Beef

Loch Duart Salmon



Each main course was served with a side of roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes. The vegetables were charred perfectly and it was able to bring out and elevate the sweetness of the vegetables. The mashed potato was simply diving –smooth and silky. And then there was the stuffing for the table to share. It included sausages, carrots, raisins and celeries. It was extremely flavorful.

Pumpkin Pie, Pickled Cranberry Jam & Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream

Chocolate Custard, Almond Bark & Spiced Pear Sorbet

I’ve never liked custard simply because many of them are too dense. Well, this one was smooth and thick, but light and airy at the same time (I don’t actually know how that works but yeah). And anything with chocolate is always good J The addition of spices did not overpower the pear flavor but made it all the more unique.

Apple Cider Doughnuts, Butterscotch & Sweet Ricotta Ice Cream

I like this the best. The doughnuts were light and fluffy, yet cakey.
Petit four

Eggnog Madeline


Orange and Cranberry Muffin

Colicchio & Sons 
85 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Tel: 212 400 6699
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