Keong Saik Snacks


Keong Saik Snacks is another culinary gem by celebrity chef Jason Atherton that has sprung up not too long ago in the hip enclave of Keong Saik Street. In barely a year, this is already his third restaurant in Singapore. The first one was Esquina – a modernized tapas bar which serves undoubtedly the best Spanish food here in town. Next, was casual fine-dining restaurant Pollen at the breathtaking Gardens By The Bay. His third restaurant Keong Saik Snacks is a social bistro which marries British café culture and classic comfort food from around the world. It does carry the same fashionably laidback vibe of Esquina though, as diners can sit back and relax without pondering too long over the menu.
Keong Saik Snacks is Atherton’s vision of a having “a chic pint-sized joint to serve some of [his] favourite food”. It is definitely pint-sized, being able to only seat 30 diners. Nevertheless, the entire place was cheerfully-lit and attractive, as it is decked out in warm texture materials such as wood and rusted mesh, and inviting colours such as red and blue. But most importantly, the food served here are spectacular – classic, with a modern twist Jason Atherton’s style.

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll with Spiced Mayo and Iceberg Lettuce ($18). I think this is the very first lobster roll I have eaten here in Singapore (Although recently there has been an increase in the number of New American joints here such as Boston Seafood Shack and the upcoming Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill). But I actually feel that this Lobster Roll is comparable to the ones that I’ve had in Boston. The kitchen was definitely generous with the chunks of lobster. It was was sweet, chunky and juicy; and the creamy sauce blanketed each and every piece of lobster so nicely and perfectly. Also, the bread was buttery and served warm. What a nice way to start a meal.

Jason’s Very Hot Dog

Jason’s Very Hot Dog ($19). This is not your traditional Hot Dog. There were a substantial amount of jalapeños, which paired nicely with the creamy, aromatic and delectable sauce. The sauce includes tangy ketchup lime, crispy shallots, English Cheddar and avocado. The Hotdog itself was juicy and extremely flavourful. I was actually surprised how nicely the hotdog would go with the sauce + jalapeños as I actually enjoyed my Hotdogs just plain with ketchup alone! 🙂 Just like the Lobster Roll, the bread was equally fantastic as it was so buttery, and warm, and was able to carry out its role as a vehicle for all these flavours. Served an a little paper plate, it definitely screams “casual comfort food with a modern twist” to me.

Shaved Asparagus, Roast Fennel, Burrata and Basil Salad

Shaved Asparagus, Roast Fennel, Burrata and Basil Salad ($16). This was refreshing, although just quite ordinary.

Fish & Oysters

Fish and Oysters ($18) was served instead of the traditional Fish and Chips. To go along with the dish were homemade tartar sauce, Maldon salt and Malt vinegar. Although it was extraordinarily crispy, I felt that the batter was slightly too thick. Fried oysters are neither my thing, so I would say this paled in comparison to the first two dishes – Lobster Roll and Jason’s favourite Hot Dog. I like the acidity from the vinegar though 🙂

Sorry for the dark picture! 😦

Barbequed Pork Ribs and Pickled English Red Cabbage ($21). Nono, this is not like your Tony Romas or Keny Rogers Barbequed Pork Ribs. The meat was melt-in-your-mouth tender. I’m serious. It falls off the bone so easily and just sinks into your teeth naturally. Together with the intensely flavourful Barbeque sauce, this is one of the tender-est heavenly piece of meat I’ve ever had.

Iberican Ham

Iberico Ham and Manchego Cheese Toastie ($18). Served with two little sunny side up quail eggs, here are your childhood favorites – mini Ham & Cheese Sandwiches. I wouldn’t say it was not my favorite, but it was decent enough 😉
Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try desserts as we were already too full 😦 We’ll definitely be back for that and the much raved Kimchi Burger and D-I-Y Tuna Tartar!
In this decidedly unpretentious environment, Keong Saik Snacks is all about snacking with no worries. Leave yourself to the hands of executive chef Andre Walsh, and you will leave with no regrets. Despite taking double duty, helming Esquina as well, Walsh has nonetheless ensured a high quality of food. Likewise, service was spot on. Waiters were knowledgeable, cheerful and attentive (Well, for me personally, nothing can be better than disgusting food that a horrible service). But overall, I believe that Atherton himself, has been blessed with a Midas-like streak in Singapore as he continues to add on to his accolades. If you’re looking for a casual chic place to catch up with your long lost family or friend, here’s a place to go. Without a doubt, it’ll spark any conversation in the right direction. I promise.
Keong Saik Snacks 
49 Keong Saik Road 
Tel: 6221 8338
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