The Cajun Kings


The Cajun Kings is Singapore’s first authentic Cajun restaurant which specializes in the Cajun/Creole “Seafood Boil”, a generic term for shellfish. Singaporean owner Andrei Soen, whose family used to own a seafood restaurant in San Francisco, was so inspired by the Cajun-style seafood shacks in New Orleans that he decided to introduce the concept here. Thank God for kind people like Andrei Soen. Sharing the love of food is always commendable 🙂
This almost-two-month-old laid-back seafood eatery is tucked away in an otherwise quiet residential enclave, cosy cluster of Jalan Riang. It is a little hidden gem easy to miss as it’s entrance is nothing outstanding or attractive. But you would definitely be surprised and extremely pleased with the kind of food served and service provided.
What makes this place so unique is the way the food is presented to you. Choose from seafood mains such as Dungeness Crabs, Boston Maine Lobster, Red Sea Prawns, and Manila Clams. The crabs and lobsters are sold at market prices, while the prawns and clams go for $9 and $8 per 100g respectively. But the minimum order is 250g. The seafood is first boiled in Cajun spices, fished out, tossed with your choice of sauces – Garlic butter, Spicy Cajun or King’s Mix – with your choice of spiciness level, and then served in a huge plastic bag to replicate the casual beach-side seafood shacks. Patrons are encouraged to get low and dirty, using your bare hands to devour the shellfish in mouthwatering flavors of Louisiana. Plates and cutleries are non-existence, only serviettes and a waterproof majong paper, covering the table top, for you to dump the shells on. Don’t worry, you will be provided with plastic bibs which protect you from the glorious juices of the shellfish, and there are sinks to wash your hands. At the end of the meal, staffs will bundle up the mahjong paper along with the remnants of your spoils.

Red Sea Prawns

We had the Red Sea Prawns tossed in Kings Mix ($22.50 for 250g) – the eatery’s special mix of lemon pepper, garlic butter and Cajun spices – and spiciness level 1. The spices were strong and there was copious amounts of melted garlic butter. Garlic was especially evident. Even better, the prawns were succulent and bursting with flavors. However, level 1 was not spicy at all and we would definitely go for a higher level next time. It was enjoyable watching one another feast on the prawns – pulling the heads off, peeling the shells, munching on the meaty shrimp, and sucking all the satisfying juices and flavors.

Catfish & Chips

Other than the seafood boil, there are the usual Creole delights such as Fried Buttermilk Froglegs ($15), Pork Crackling ($7) and Gumbo filled with andouille sausage and chicken ($11). We had the Catfish & Chips ($12) which was entirely delicious. The breading here is not your usual breading that you would find on any typical fried fish, which is often thick and oily. Here, it is extremely thin, coating the fish so perfectly. It is not oily at all, and we could definitely see distinct pieces of breadcrumbs. It was fantastic.
I love seafood, but I hate the mess that I get myself into. I’ll never eat with my hands in public – Chicken wings, Prawns, Chilli crab – as it is typically thought to be unlady-like. I’m sure many of you feel the same too. And hence, we often have my seafoods taken away so that we can eat in the comforts of my home where we will not have to be self-conscious for discriminating stares. Yet, Cajun Kings has allowed me, for the first time in my entire life, to dig into my food to my heart’s content in public. Hmmmm, everything tastes better with your fingers 🙂
The menu is certainly lean, only a handful of seafood boils and a small list of starters and sides. But you really don’t need anymore than that. It’s all about simple, down-home fare that is both delicious, enjoyable and interactive as it is all about getting your hands dirty and making a mess. Definitely a fuel for great bonding experiences.
Last but not least, service was commendable. Our server was full of vigor and knowledegable  as he recommended us various dishes and patiently waited for the indecisive us to make our choices. After the dishes came, we had many staffs who came over and asked about our dining experience. In other words, we were very well taken care off 🙂 Also, with loud rock-and-roll music, this place is indeed one place you would always want to be in. It’ll make a sad day so much more livelier.
Like Mardi Gras revealers would sa, “Laissez les bons temps rouler” – that is, let the good times roll!
The Cajun Kings
15-1 Jalan Riang
Tel: 6284 4426
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