Goto Restaurant debuted in 2008 and was the first and only independent kaiseki-only restaurant in Singapore. Previously, kaiseki was available exclusively in a small crop of upscale hotel-based Japanese restaurants. For example, Keyaki is one of Singapore’s most revered Japanese dining institutions that opened at Pan Pacific Hotel in 1987. Here, diners chose either the tempura or seasonal kaiseki menu by Chef Hiroshi Kagata. But with the influx of knowledge, Singapore’s love affair with haute Japanese cuisine has increased tremendously over the years. Today, there are many kaiseki restaurants – Kumo, Ooi Dining, Kuriya penthouse, and Kunio Tukuoka, just to name a few.
Goto is helmed by Chef Goto Hisao, who was formerly the personal chef to the former Japanese ambassador to Singapore.
Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner which is perceived to be a type of art form which balances taste, texture, appearance, and colors of food. Only fresh seasonal ingredients are used and are prepared skillfully and technically that aims to enhance flavor. Dishes are plated meticulously – from the type of plate, to the garnishes used. Every element is aimed to enhance both appearance and the seasonal theme of the meal. Known to the western world as degustation, it is analogous to Western haute cuisine.


1st course: Hassun: This is the opening course which sets the seasonal theme of the meal.
From left to right: Egg tofu with crabmeat; Spinach with sesame; Lightly fried tofu with miso; Simmered eel with pickled cucumber and ginger.


2nd course: Muzuke: Seasonal Sashimi platter.
Seared tuna with bonito and ginger; Flat fish; Amberjack; Tuna


3rd course: Tempura
This included Japanese sea bream, Persimmon, Yam with prawn and seaweed, and Green pepper. Extra mention has to go to of course the persimmon. I’ve never tried fried persimmon. But the persimmon was exceptionally decadent. Take a bite, and you’ll be greeted with a pleasant surprise as the sweet juices of the persimmon satisfy your taste buds. 


4th course: Takiawase: Simmered dish.
Pork with radish and mustard. Here again, the pork shined. It was fatty and luscious. It was extremely tender, and it melts in your mouth so quickly that you’d forget that you were actually eating pork.

Gohan, Konomono, Tome-wan

5th course: Gohan, Konomono, Tome-wan: This includes a Rice with Jyako served with Seasonal pickled vegetables and Miso soup.


6th course: Mizumono: Seasonal dessert.
Sesame pudding; Seasonal fruits; Melon ice cream. The fruits were EXCEPTIONALLY sweet and juicy. And for the sesame pudding, well, I love anything sesame 🙂 
This was the $68 kaiseki lunch set which I thought was really really exquisite and worth it. Flavors were natural and fresh, and every minute detail was ensured that it had a role to play in contributing to the overall flavor and appearance of the dish. Service was extraordinarily commendable as well. The japanese ladies were polite and sincere. Maybe I’ll return for the dinner kaiseki set despite their steep prices!
14 Ann Siang Road #01-01
Tel: 6438 1553
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  1. Stephen says:

    Thank you for the review. Will give it a try….

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