Manhattan Fish Market 1 For 1 Feeesh n’ Cheeese


The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is always something exciting to look forward to. Things that you’ve always yearned for is now made even more affordable and reasonable. For almost everyone of us, GSS is the time when we finally splurge and go crazy 🙂 And the best thing is that GSS includes food! Everywhere we go, we see 1 for 1 deals. For example, I recently went for the 1-For-1 Buffet Lunch at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria for a total of only $36. It was definitely what a meat lover would dream of – Beef, Lamb, Chicken Thigh, Chicken breast with bacon, Grilled fish, Pork, Sausage, Ham, but of course there was Grilled pineapples and a Salad Bar to neutralize all those flavors. It was sinful of course, and for once, you might just feel that it was just too much meat all at once. I went vegetarian for the next 2 days :p For those interested, do note that the promotion is only valid in Marina Bay Sands and Vivo City outlet only! The promotion ends on 22 July 2012. Reservations are highly recommended, if not, do go there early because it will be filled within seconds after they open and you wouldn’t want to be in the long queue – when I say long, I mean EXTREMELY long. We were turned away the first time we went there and were told to make a reservation for the next available date which was 2 weeks later. Mmmhmmm, that bad. But I would say it was an enjoyable and interesting experience!

1-For-1 Buffet Lunch

Just yesterday, we went for Manhattan Fish Market 1 For 1 Feeesh N’ Cheeese 🙂 Once I saw the promotion, my taste buds were tantalized and I immediately had a sudden craving for battered fish and cheese fries.

1 For 1 Feeesh ‘N Cheeese

But of course, I wouldn’t say that it was the best fish and chips in town. I’ve had better ones definitely. But for $13.90 you get 2 huge portions and the 2 pieces of fish per portion were HUGE. It was fried nicely nevertheless, the batter not too thick nor to thin. And when you take a bite, you get that crunchy crispy batter, and a smooth silky piece of succulent fish. Omnomnom. And cheese fries… How could you not like fries smothered with thick gooey cheese? It was good 🙂 Though you’ll get a little jelak after a while, just like any cheesy dish.
Unfortunately, this promotion ended yesterday 😦 But there are still many other food promotions such as the 1-For-1 Pizza Hut, 20% off all Manhattan Fish Market Take Aways, Ben & Jerry’s Scoopaholic Promotion, 2-For-2 Lunch Set at My Humble House and Haagen-Dazs Berry Blush Promotion. So hurry down everywhere before GSS ends 🙂
Do check out the GSS website for more information!
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