The Garden Slug


Food hasn’t been playing such a big role in our lives these days due to our horrendously busy schedules. It is not rare to here us lamenting to each other: I NEED GOOD FOOOOD! or I WANT TO BAKEEEEE! 
People around us find it very funny whenever they hear us whining about not having time to bake/eat. They don’t know our pain haha, if I may be abit of a drama queen! Anyway, we had been meaning to visit Garden Slug for awhile as their tagline of Eat Drink, Don’t Think! highly appealed to us. Also, it was exactly the sort of place we liked to visit: quaint, not in any crowded areas, and offering a variety of comfort foods such as soups and salads and sandwiches! Oh and definitely not forgetting the All-Day Breakfast! ^^ It sorta reminds us of cafes like Dann’s Daily, Da Paolo Gastronomia and Simply Bread. The joy of being able to eat pancakes in the middle of the day is incomparable to anything else. Except maybe the joy of being able to eat oatmeal for lunch. You get the idea that breakfast is probably our favourite meal of the day. 
We took quite awhile to find the place as we had taken a wrong turn after alighting the bus. This led to approximately 20 minutes of perspiring and complaining profusely as we took directions from googlemaps on our phone. We rationalised that the longer we had to wait to eat the food, the better it would taste! I’m not sure if this was actually the case, but you should have heard our sighs of relief when we found the place in the end and felt the cool breeze of the air-condition! Praise to the person who invented air-condition….

Old Fashioned Chicken Broth

Old Fashioned Chicken Broth (Cup:$4.90): A simple cup/bowl of comforting chicken broth with generous chunks of broiled chicken and brown rice in it. Our friend, Yiyun, ordered this on impulse. I have no idea why she wanted to drink a cup of hot soup on such a hot and muggy day, but if it works for her then hey, go for it 🙂 She was surprised to find brown rice in the soup, and said that it provided a nice texture to it. The chicken pieces were soft and broiled to just the right amount of doneness, not too chewey or too soft. However, she did mention that it was a tad bit salty, as is the problem with most chicken soups 😦

Runny Salmon Scramble-Up

Runny Salmon Scramble-Up ($13.50): Creamy scrambled eggs topped with lots of smoked salmon, warm toast by side. I recently started eating fish again, for a variety of reasons, and realised that a whole new world of fish-filled goodness has been opened up to me. This was a good dish, and one that I would eat again any time! I may even try my hand at cooking it at home during the holidays. The texture of the generous serving of smoked salmon was silky, yet firm and its smoky, salty taste was such a nice contrast to the creamy sweetness of the scrambled eggs. Oh, the scrambled eggs…You cannot imagine how difficult it is to find a restaurant that serves eggs done to perfection, as these are. Most of the time, scrambled eggs served at cafes and restaurants are too hard and overcooked, or even worse, rubbery. *shudders* The toast served with it was a nice base for me to build my very own smoked salmon-egg-ketchup towers and proceed to shove them into my mouth. I am a very messy eater, if that wasn’t obvious enough. All in all, a very satisfactory and filling dish to be eaten at any time of the day.

All-Day Breakfast

All Day Breakfast ($12.90): Bratwurst, runny scrambled eggs, hash brown, toast and chipolata. This is one of the recommended items on the menu, and rightly so as each item on the plate had its own merits and came together to make a very filling and hearty brunch dish! Firstly, the bratwurst: 2 generous pieces of sausage provided a nice dose of belly-filling protein to the meal. The skin of the sausages was nice and crisp while the inside was moist and juicy. yummy (as described by Yiyun!). The scrambled eggs were perfectly cooked as well, and we were very pleased with the consistency of the chef! 😀 The hash brown was slightly too oily, but still alot better than the soggy hashbrowns that you get at McDonalds! Alot more expensive too, come to think about it. The toast was pretty regular, just 2 pieces of bread toasted to a nice even crisp. All in all, this was a pretty filling meal and the only thing needed to make it awesome would be some fiber in the form of fruit (add to the dish for an additional $5) or vegetables!
We toyed with the idea of dessert, given their huge selection of mouthwatering dessert options like tiramisu, stewed pear and apple streusel! In the end, we decided against it as were already superly full from our food. The next time we come back, we will be sure to leave space for dessert!
We really enjoyed this meal (except the whole getting lost on the way here part) and have already planned to come back another time during the holidays to try new dishes! (: In the meantime, we’re planning crazy baking/shopping/eating sprees to fill our holidays!
The Garden Slug
55 Lorong L Telok Kurau
#01-59/61 Bright Centre
Singapore 425500
Tel:  6346 0504
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