My mum and I have been exploring Robertson Quay lately. We’ve never really took notice of the wide array of restaurants there until my aunt brought us for a walk along the river one day. For more, you can read Ladyironchef’s Guide to Robertson Quay Restaurants!
So basically Hummerstons is a hidden gem located on the 2nd level of Robertson Walk. The moment I turned the corner, I felt the air of a cottage in a countryside – so peaceful, that’ll you’ll just enjoy the gentle breeze and forget that you’re actually in Singapore. I step into Hummerstons, and I suddenly feel at home – extremely spacious with a clean white façade, custom wooden furniture, a narrow strip of window which allows a view of the kitchen, and well-kept plants at the al fresco area and fresh flowers in glass bottles on dining tables. It reminded me of P.S. Café though, just way more spacious.
Well indeed, the chef at Hummerstons, Bouk, was the former head-chef at P.S. Café! He’s Toyko-born, but was adopted by an American couple and grew up on the east coast of US. Hummerstons is in fact his mother’s maiden name. As someone who likes to chill and relax, Bouk avoids snobby cuisine and prefers that his patrons feel comfortable and at home. And so of course, you would expect high quality home-style food.
We went there one early Sunday afternoon for brunch since weekends are our only breaks (yes seriously… sad life sobz).

Poutine: Baja

Poutine: We describe this dish as a homestyle potato & gravy combination. We use USA potatoes & cook to order with a selection of choice homemade toppings, gravy & quesillo cheese (the closest thing we can find to cheese curds). You can choose from a variety of add ons which includes Classic, The Hangover, The Italian Job, Baja, Montreal and El Alamo. I wanted Montreal, which was roasted mushrooms, foie gras, jus & quesillo cheese. Well I mean, it’s foie gras. What’s there not to love about foie gras? And it’s their best-seller! But my cousin and my mum wanted Baja ($18) and since the majority always wins, we eventually went for the it: Braised beef brisket, quesilllo cheese, sour cream, guacamole & pico de gallo.
So here’s how you have a perfect little bite: Take a warm crispy-on-the-outside-but-fluffy-and-soft-in-the-inside French fry, a little amount of succulent tender beef, don’t forget the gooey creamy cheese, and finish it all with a little bit of sour cream, guacamole, and jus. J It may sound a little weird, confusing and maybe a little too much, but trust me, it is extremely tasty. It’s sweet, sour, savory, crispy, mellow, creamy, everything you could think of heheheh. However, the pico de gallo was almost missing ie. there could have been more, although I felt that it was unnecessary as the flavors already complemented one another enough and anymore would just make it just way too much and confusing.


Now on the lighter side, S-B-M ($22): Warm bacon-truffle & mushroom vinaigrette, baby spinach, crushed eggs, edamame, kinpira & sundried tomato. You could definitely smell the aroma of the truffle when the dish arrived and that’s a plus! The nicely roasted mushrooms were my favorite part of the dish. I felt that the salad was a little overdressed. For its price, I felt that it could have done a little better.

Breakfast Tostada

Breakfast Tostada ($18.90): Grilled smoke pork & garlic sausage, asparagus, caramelized onions, herb scrambled eggs, spiced tomato sauce & crispy corn tortilla. This is an extremely Mexican-influenced dish with the taco, salsa and the various spices used. The tacos remained relatively crunchy despite having been a vehicle for the creamy, fluffy and light eggs and sauces. Sausages were perfectly grilled, with a little crunch on the outside. For its price, it was definitely a generous portion and my cousin had a hard time finishing it.

Truffled Scrambled Eggs

Truffle Scrambled Eggs ($25): White truffle scrambled eggs, tomato, mushroom, homemade pork sausage & spinach on grilled sourdough. There’s just some thing about their scramble eggs and sausages. They’re cooked to perfection – eggs creamy and fluffy, and sausages a little crispy on the outside and tender and flavorful on the inside! However, what killed this dish was the slightly spicy sausages. It overpowered the strong flavor of the truffle. Also, the bread become really really soggy extremely fast. I felt that it was a little overpriced as compared to the Breakfast Tostada. Portions were also smaller, there could have been slightly more mushrooms and spinach.

Eggs Gloria

Eggs Gloria ($20): Baked homemade bread & egg, house tomato sauce, goats chevre, spinach & mushrooms. This was my favorite dish of the day. So basically it was tomato sauce at the bottom with a buttery, fluffy, thick slice of brioche over 2 perfectly cooked fried eggs with slightly runny yolks, accompanied by a generous amount of melted creamy chalky goats cheese and finished with perfectly roasted mushrooms. It was a decadent delight big time. There was definitely drops of truffle oil as the aromatic fragrance of the mushroom permeated through every bite. It was indeed something unique, yet filling and satisfying for a lazy brunch.
We were too full for their desserts but I hear their Pumpkin Cheesecake screaming out loud already! 🙂

So evidently, there are little hints of Latin American, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines in the home-style American dishes at Hummerstons. It’s extremely worth the try given the unique flavors, although some may be a little too pricey. Also, what makes it even lovelier is its space utilization, which I adore very much. It is spacious, but they don’t try to fit in too much tables. The walkway is extremely huge and you’re extremely far away from your neighbors. No doubt, it is the perfect place for a lazy brunch or a chill out. Just sit back and take a break, eat, and enjoy your company and the gentle breeze or the gentle whirl of ceiling fans.
11 Unity Street 
#02-14 Robertson Walk
Tel: 67378863
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