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The Garden Slug

Zara: Food hasn’t been playing such a big role in our lives these days due to our horrendously busy schedules. It is not rare to here us lamenting to each other: I NEED GOOD FOOOOD! or I WANT TO BAKEEEEE!  People around us … Continue reading

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Elisa: My mum and I have been exploring Robertson Quay lately. We’ve never really took notice of the wide array of restaurants there until my aunt brought us for a walk along the river one day. For more, you can … Continue reading

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Nutella Muffins

Hey guys, we hope your life has been vaguely more exciting than ours has been for the past few months! School has been just so crazy and busy and crazily busy that we’ve been grasping every opportunity we have to … Continue reading

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Elisa: There aren’t many Spanish restaurants and tapas bars in Singapore, but the latest to debut is Esquina, which means “corner” in Spanish. Indeed, it is situated at a quaint shophouse in the quiet corner at the intersection of Jiak … Continue reading

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