Da Paolo Gastronomia (Cluny Court)

The Da Paolo Group was first established in Singapore in 1989, when Paolo and Judie Scarpa opened a humble Trattoria in Singapore, serving honest, uncomplicated Italian fare.  After achieving success with their first outlet, they then decided to expand the Da Paolo Group; over the next two decades, the Da Paolo Group has blossomed as several other outlets and concepts have been introduced to the fold. Today, the Da Paolo logo is a well-known one in Singapore, including two restaurants, three themes bars and eight gourmet delis present patrons in its fold. The variety of concepts and foods offered at the various outlets has cemented Da Paolo’s status as one of the best food and beverage organizations and homegrown business in Singapore.
We have always loved the Da Paolo chain of outlets as their wide variety foods are both visually appealing and delicious. Also, the different concepts and restaurants available make going to each different Da Paolo restaurant or cafe a new experience as the food they offer corresponds to the different concepts. For example, at the Da Paolo Pizza Bar, the pizzeria serves a wide variety of toppings such as Chicken and Capsicum, Roasted Vegetables, and Smoked Salmon all on a thin and crispy crust that we simply love. While some of the pizza varieties may be found at the other outlets, there are certain unique and fun flavours that are only found at the Pizza Bar. This trend is evident in the other outlets too, as each outlet and concept is unique and offers something different than the others!
We found ourselves at Da Paolo Gastronomia at Cluny Court one day. Gastronomia is the most popular concept of the Da Paolo group, with 8 outlets spread all around Singapore. It is described as  “an eat-in and take-out one-stop concept with freshly made food and imported boutique produce for a gourmet experience. Using all-natural flavors and quality ingredients, we provide quick, convenient meals anywhere, anytime. Indulge in the vast spread of salads, cold cuts, pizza, homemade pasta and sauces, artisanal cheese, sandwiches, pastries, cakes, wine, Tekoe Tea and Bristot Coffee“.
Gastronomia might be our favourite concept out of all the Da Paolo outlets as it projects a fun and casual atmosphere with the shop layout as well as the type of food it offers. We like the fact that they provide offer many types of different food for eating-in as well as take-away, for example various types of antipasti like bean salads and different types of flans, and main courses like moussaka and beef cottage pies. These options come in little transparent containers that make it easy for you to bring home and heat up, or you could have it at the shop itself. They also have an extensive dine-in menu that includes beef goulash and stuffed chicken and many types of pasta and sauces.
Our favourite part of the outlet at Cluny Court has to be the many cupcakes and meringues and cakes and scones and croissants and poundcakes and desserts on display at the shop counter! Just looking at the pretty and colourful desserts like creme brulees and tiger rolls on show makes us want to buy every single type of dessert available and gobbling it all up! They even have a peanut butter chocolate crunch cake that is apparently SO addictive that the owners felt obliged to include a warning on the label of the box! The outlet also offers unique food items such as Disney Princess-shaped and Mickey Mouse-shaped pasta! We love the casualness and quirkiness that the outlet exudes. It is not uncommon to see many families and groups of friends enjoying the food as well as each others’ company at the outlet on weekends (:

Colourful cupcakes!


Beef Lasagna

Beef Lasagna ($8): Tender chunks of beef sandwiched in between numerous lasagna layers cooked al dente. My sister has always enjoyed the beef lasagna from Gastronomia as she says there is a right proportion of beef to lasagna layers, which is pretty hard to come by since many lasagnas often have to little beef in between the layers of pasta! Also, who can resist such thick layer of gooey cheese? She does mention that there are times when the lasagna is too salty for her liking, and there are times when the amount of saltiness if just right. I guess the inconsistency of salt levels is something which definitely needs improvement.

Mushroom Pizza

Mushroom Pizza: ($7.50): Sauteed shimeiji mushrooms spread on a thin and crispy crust and covered with cheese. The day that I get sick of this pizza will be a sad day for all mankind! I’ve eaten this pizza countless times and I still like it the best out of all the vegetarian options available at Gastronomia! While I do turn to the Eggplant Parmesan or the Spinach Lasagna when I’m in the mood for something more substantial, this pizza will still always remain my first love as it satisfies my cravings for something crunchy and crispy, yet juicy and tender . The perfect bite indeed! The mushrooms and nicely sauteed and provide a juiciness and a big flavor to the pizza, while the crust is thin and crispy just the way I like my pizza crusts! I love this pizza, I honestly do. The Roasted Veggies pizza is another pretty good option that I eat whenever they run out of the Mushroom Pizza!

Orange and Cranberry Scone

White Chocolate Scone

Blueberry Scone

Scones ($4): Gastronomia has some of the best scones I’ve ever eaten. For $4, you get a huge hunk of buttery, sweet goodness with a slight crispy crust in a variety of flavours like blueberry, chocolate chip, white chocolate, and there were even hot cross scones the last time I went there! The scones are honestly humongous, like the size of 2 clenched fists. You won’t be able to finish one on your own so do share it with someone, even if it seems tempting (: The scones are crisp and crunchy on the outside but soft, buttery, light and warm (best if its been heated up!) on the inside! The different flavours are exciting and interesting too, and I particularly like the white chocolate one as it satisfies my sweet tooth!
Da Paolo Gastronomia is a great place for casual, laidback, al fresco style dining with awesome food. As the outlet at Cluny Court is rather small, or cosy as I like to call it, you might have to wait for awhile for a seat during peak hours like lunch or dinner times. Alternatively, you could buy whatever you feel like eating and then going to Botanic Gardens located right next door to enjoy your meal while getting in touch with nature! Either way, do try the awesome scones and we hope you enjoy whatever you decide to eat there (:
Da Paolo Gastronomia
501 Bukit Timah Road
Cluny Courd #01-01
Tel: 64687010
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