eM by the River


What’s a better way to celebrate a beautiful Sunday that having brunch by the river?

My mum and I decided to have a little walk along Robertson Quay this morning – literally, we were walking aimlessly – and we chanced upon eM by the River! 🙂

Smoked Salmon Bruschetta

Smoked Salmon Bruschetta ($14): Grilled Focaccia Bread with tomato, fresh basil & smoked salmon. This was nothing spectacular though the brininess of the smoked salmon paired nicely with the sweetness of the tomatoes. The Foccacia could be grilled a little more.

Smoked Chicken Quesadilla

Smoked Chicken Quesadilla ($14): with jalapeño, capsicum, tomato & cheese. This is one HUGEEE Quesadilla, but what I love about this Quesadilla is that each ingredient complemented one another. The chicken had a distinct smoky flavor, contrasted against the spicy jalapeño and crunchy tomato, and all drowned in melty cheesy goodness, it was indeed an interesting combination. The Quesadilla was also nicely toasted, to provide the much needed texture contrast. However, the capsicums seem to be missing.

Meat Balls with Swedish Sauce

Meat Balls with Swedish Sauce ($14): SautĂ©ed meat balls with pickles, Swedish sauce, sour cream & cranberry compote. I’ve never really ate authentic swedish meat balls before and thus probably would not be able to give a reliable judgement on how original these meat balls are. But anyway, I like these meatballs! They were juicy and hearty together with the thick flavorful sauce. The pickles tasted like caramelized onions though ._< The sour cream provided a refreshing flavor, but I didn’t know what the cranberry compote was for. It seemed a little irrelevant and unnecessary.

There was no GST nor service charge, which means everything is pretty much self service, from getting your own table, to getting your own water. Nevertheless, eM by the River is a cosy little cafe, a wonderful place with a wonderful setting – the river, under the shady trees –  my mother said it reminded her of Bali!
There has been a rise in brunch/all day dining places in Singapore lately – especially in Robertson Quay – but what makes eM by the River unique is its location, together with reasonably priced comfort food.
eM by the River 
1 Nanson Road #01-05
The Gallery Hotel
Tel: +65 6836 9691
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