New York: 5 Napkin Burger


As you might have guessed by now, I sort of, kind of, totally have a thing for burgers. Burgers are just so perfect to me. They offer all sorts of possibilities and combinations, in terms of type of bun used, the type and flavor of patty, the produce that tops the patty… In my opinion, almost anything can go into a burger and the wacky combinations that Elisa and I came up with when we built-our-own-burgers at Fatboy’s proves that fact!
With my love affair with burgers in full swing, there was no way I was going to miss the chance to visit 5 Napkin Burger when I was in New York City last December, as it has been touted as the place that New Yorkers themselves visit when they are in search of a good burger!
When we got to the restaurant at about 11am on a Saturday, the place was already pretty packed which serves as a testament to its popularity! The warmth that encompassed you as you stepped into the restaurant provided a welcome respite from the bitter winter cold of New York in December, and the well-lit and cosy atmosphere of the place fit right into the theme of a casual and fun dining experience. I particularly loved the hanging lightbulbs as they provided such a quirky and playful feel to the place, while at the same time doing their job as lightbulbs!

Check out the hanging lightbulbs!

The menu was pretty extensive and included lunch, as well as brunch items. The focus of the menu was, of course, burgers, but also included shakes, salads and surprisingly enough, sushi rolls. I would have really liked to try a shake, but thought better of it as my teeth were pretty much chattering thanks to the frigid weather (I think the temperature was 1 degree that day!), and considering the fact that we come from the tropical Singapore.

Delicious creamy Hot Chocolate 🙂

Hot Chocolate: Malted hot chocolate served with a spoonful of whipped cream. The hot chocolate came in a grand-looking cup, that sort of resembled a soup bowl. There was a nice covering of foam and a medium-sized dollop of cream on the hot chocolate, which added a rich creaminess to it (although I don’t normally like cream in my drinks!). The hot chocolate was really useful as it did help to warm my hands and stop my teeth from  The fact that it was some darn good hot chocolate didn’t hurt either! It wasn’t too sweet and you could taste the ‘darkness’ of the chocolate as you drank it. This was some mighty good hot choc!

Chicken, Noodle & Matzo Ball

Chicken, Noodle & Matzo Ball ($7.75): Chicken noodle soup served with a Matzo Ball (a typical Jewish dumpling) right smack in the middle of the bowl. Chicken noodle soup is the perfect thing to drink/eat on a cold winter day as it warms you from your throat right up to your belly. My sister, who ordered this, said the soup was a tad bit too salty (which does happen quite often with chicken noodle soups), but mentioned that the Matzo ball that came with the soup was interesting as she had never eaten anything like it before! She described it as having a ‘cake-like’ texture, but being more chewey then a light and fluffy cake. She wiped the entire bowl clean, so she must have really loved it 🙂

Bacon - Cheddar Burger

Bacon – Cheddar Burger ($14.95): 10 oz. custom ground beef, sharp cheddar, bacon, raw onion, lettuce & tomato, soft white roll served with a side of shoestring fries. My mum gave into her cravings for bacon, once again. There is just something about the salty crispness of a nicely fried piece of bacon that just proves so irresistible to her. And ok well, just look at the bright orange oozing and melty cheese right there and the thick slices of bacon sitting right on top of it, waiting to be devoured. Who wouldn’t say no to such beauty! However, the bacon was a little soggy and mummy said that it could have been crispier to provide a contrasting texture to the heartiness and moistness of the well-done beef. She also said that she enjoyed the ‘gooeyness’ of the melted cheddar as it finished off each bite of the burger perfectly. However, she did say that the roll that the burger was on was a little too hard for her liking. The shoestring fries were nice enough, nothing special but the fact that they were still piping hot when brought to our table earns plus points with me as luke-warm or even room temperature fries are never welcomed. Imagine fries sitting on a counter untouched for long periods of time before being served! Bleh.

1/2 Pound Kobe Beef Foot Long on a soft Hotdog roll

1/2 Pound Kobe Beef Foot Long on a soft Hotdog roll ($14.95): Choice of sauerkraut or sweet & sour onions & peppers. Be it at a roadside cart or a posh restaurant, my dad has never missed an opportunity to have a hotdog. And of course, this meal proved to be no different at all. He chose sauerkraut on his ‘dog, as he felt that the sourness of the saurkraut would go better with the foot long hotdog than onions and peppers. His choice did pay off as he enjoyed his hotdog immensely! He said that the hotdog itself was deliciously moist and juicy, with a snappy casing that is a characteristic of a good hotdog. He did mention that the presentation of the hotdog was pretty pathetic as compared to the burgers, as it was just a plain lonely hotdog on a plate without any sides 😦 Nevertheless, that was one long huge hotdog!

Egg Benedict Sliders

Egg Benedict Sliders ($13.25): 20z. beef sliders, cheddar, english muffin & béarnaise served with breakfast hash and side salad. Eggs Benedict is, and will always be, one of my favourite favourite favourite brunch items, as I love the satisfaction of poking the egg and watching the egg yolk flow out so beautifully (but that is IF the egg is cooked properly, I hate it when it’s overdone!) and cover the english muffin like a sauce of sorts! Unfortunately for me, Egg Benedict is often served with some other form of protein, such as smoked salmon or beef sliders. Luckily, my cousin was willing to trade the beef sliders from my Eggs Ben for a stack of onion rings 😀 Upon poking the egg with my fork, I was so glad to find that the eggs were poached perfectly and the yolk flowed out of the egg nicely, providing a welcome burst of yellow. The bearnaise was just the right consistency, not too thick nor too runny, and was creamy enough to complement the richness of the egg yolk. Also, the breakfast hash that was served with the Eggs Ben was pretty yummy, having the texture of sauteed potatoes but with a slight crispness on the outside of the potatoes. This dish was definitely heavenly and it serves to solidify my love for Eggs Ben!
And just to end of simply to this simple, yet satisfying meal: Overall, this was a very delightful meal: the food was delicious, the atmosphere was cosy and inviting, and the company was great! The waiters were attentive and polite, and attended to us sufficiently in spite of the large number of people during lunch time. I WANT TO GO BACK TO NEW YORK JUST SO I CAN GO BACK TO 5 NAPKIN BURGER AND TRY A MILKSHAKE!
5 Napkin Burger 
 630 9th Ave @ 45th Street
New York , NY 1003
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