Sugalight Factory

Sugalight Factory is an 8-month old Ice Cream Palour at Joo Chiat which specializes in guilt-free Ice Creams.

Firstly, instead of sugar – Eg. Glucose, Stevia, Corn syrup, Artificial sweeteners, Fructose – Sugalight Ice Creams are sweetened with premium natural sweeteners such as Malitol, a sugar alcohol, and Xylitol, a premium natural sweetener found in corn, berries, and mushroom. It is lower in calories than sugar, has zero net carbs, is a tooth decay preventative recommended by dentists, and does not cause dangerous spikes in diabetic blood glucose levels.
Secondly, Sugalight Ice Creams contain prebiotic soluble fibers for optimal gut health.
Thirdly, Sugalight Ice Creams are made without Cream, Gelatin, Maltodextrin (food additives), and Eggs.
Lastly, all Sugalight Ice Creams are freshly churned on site to a proprietary recipe with the finest ingredients such as Valrhona Chocolate, Hazelnuts from Italy, highest quality New Zealand Milk, and premium Matcha from Japan.
The result:
1. Their Ice Creams contain less than half the calories of a traditional premium ice cream – about 110kcal/100g as compared to 270kcal/100g.
2. They contain about 6.1% fat content as compared to 16%-20% of premium brands, but yet still maintaining the desired creaminess, and rich flavour.
3. They are so low in carbs, that a big scoop of Sugalight Ice Cream has less cabers than a slice of wholemeal bread. :0 :0 :0
4. Because they are egg-free, they are 33 times lower in cholesterol as compared to premium brand ice creams.
Not surprisingly of course, Sugalight Ice Cream is awarded the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Snack Symbol (HSS) 🙂

So how did Sugalight Factory come about? Well entrepreneur and owner of Sugalight Factory Elgin Tan’s father lovessssssss ice cream. However, because he was diabetic, he could not consume the usual ice cream sold in the market. Thus, Elgin Tan decided to take a big jump and give up his career and become an Ice Cream Maker in hope to create guilt-less ice cream with his father in mind.

There were more than 20 different Ice Cream flavors, ranging from the classic ones such as Valrhona Choc, Madgascan Vanilla and Cookie Monster, to more innovative ones such as Cappuccino, Purple Yam – Ube, and Crumbly Strawberry.

While we were there, we tried Chocomint, Cookie Monster, Crumbly Strawberry, D24 Durian, Rocky Chocolate, Valrhona Choc, and Very Berry Drizzle.
Zara’s favorite was the Valrhona Choc and Very Berry Drizzle while my favorite was the Cookie Monster. Crumbly Strawberry was pretty interesting as there were bits of digestive biscuits in it. It is also made using sun ripened strawberries allowing a strong strawberry flavor. It almost seemed like a strawberry cheesecake! The Durian Ice Cream a mixture of D24 and Mao Shan Wang – by far the most famous and sought after Durian amongst Durian lovers – puree.  It definitely gave you the real durian taste and it was almost like eating the durian itself! For the Rocky Chocolate and Cookie Monster, each bite includes a mouthful of Oreo chunks. Definitely extremely generous 🙂 Overall, the texture of each ice cream was no doubt still creamy and smooth, but at the same time, the flavor was distinct, yet light and not overly sweet.

Other than Ice Creams, Sugalight Factory also sell Sugarless, Low-Carb and Gluten-Free products such as different types of chocolate and sweets. We were definitely extremely tempted to buy a bar of Dark Chocolate, but thinking about the so many chocolates we have at home, we decided to give it a miss and get it next time so that we can enjoy it all on its own :p
At only $3 per scoop, Sugalight Factory is no doubt the perfect treat for urbanites looking for a guilt-free trip, people with diabetes, hyperactive kids, but of course not forgetting, ALL of us! What’s more, you can enjoy free delivery of 5 Ice Cream Tubs right at your doorstep with 1 Tub at only $10.50.
Being extremely affordable and reasonable + extremely healthy + delicious (definitely not at the expense of taste and flavor), let us reiterate once again that Sugalight Factory is without a doubt the place to get your Ice Cream! 🙂
Sugalight Factory
32 Joo Chiat Place
Tel: 6440 3644 
Ps. This was an invited tasting session. Many thanks to Sugalight Factory for the kind invitation and hospitality! 
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