Ice Cream Gallery (Tanjong Katong)

How could anyone not be seductively tempted by a heavenly, divine, gooey,  thick gorgeous piece of intense dark chocolate Brownie with Walnuts drowned in a sea of warm thick Chocolate Fudge, and topped with a generous scoop of Cookies and Cream Ice Cream? (thinking of just the right adjectives to describe a perfect Brownie is mind boggling enough)

❤ we apologize if you can't exactly see the brownie because of the yummy yummy chocolate fudge.

Elisa had a ‘50% of any signature treats’ voucher at Ice Cream Gallery. So we made time, despite our hectic schedules, to travel all the way down to Tanjong Katong, an area slightly out of our comfort zone. Well, we definitely couldn’t give it a miss.
We had initially wanted a Waffled topped with Ice Cream as Zara is not a fan of Brownies with nuts but the waitress highly recommended the Brownie. And yes, she successfully convinced us. And thank God she did because we would have regretted it THIS MUCH (no actually more than describable) if we hadn’t picked the brownie! Zara ignored the fact that there were nuts because the brownie was just so fudgey, rich and moist, it sort of melted in our mouths. Ok, our attempts at describing the brownie really do it no justice, and our picture too, so you will just have to try one for yourself. But just trust us when we say make sure you have it swimming in Chocolate Fudge, as thick and as warm as can be, and topped with a huge scoop of your favorite Ice Cream. The Cookies and Cream Ice Cream had just the right sweetness and consistency. It was smooth and creamy, and you’re sure to get oreo pieces in every bite.
Try a mouthful of brownie+chocolate sauce+icecream and we can guarantee that you get something so sensational.
The original price was $7.80. But we got it for $3.90 🙂
Ice Cream Gallery
242C Tanjong Katong Road 
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