Wild Honey


There has been a rise in the number of restaurants which serve All-Day Breakfast or Weekday Brunch in Singapore. With restaurants such as Hatched, Group Therapy Cafe, Jones the Grocer, eM By the River, Food For Thought and now Marmalade Pantry at the Stables, having upscale delicious Western food for breakfast is no longer a problem. Well, I mean with the ever so versatile Eggs – poached, scrambled, fried, sunny side up etc. – Waffles, French Toast… who doesn’t like love breakfast? Breakfast first thing in the morning, breakfast for lunch, breakfast for dinner, I wouldn’t mind 🙂 After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
Wild Honey is a relatively new, well not that new, addition to this group of All-Day Breakfast restaurants. Its first outlet on the 3rd floor of Mandarin Gallery was a hit when it first opened and my mum became head over heels about it pretty soon. Despite the fact that it accepts no reservation and queuing up is an absolutely arduous affair, my mum will always drag us there with every opportunity that she has (in other words, she would go there everyday if I don’t stop her). On average, we’d wait for 15 minutes. The longest wait took 1h. Yes I’m serious, I was whining already, but she wanted it her way.
Fortunately, Wild Honey has opened its second outlet at the new Scotts Square and unlike the first outlet, this one takes reservation. I will first talk about the one at Mandarin Gallery.
At Mandarin Gallery, Wild Honey’s menu isn’t written on paper. Their menu is creatively written on a chalkboard and when words fail, they have an iPad placed at the counter for graphic representation of the food. Most of the breakfast items are egg related and associated with different countries such as Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Yemen, Canada. A culinary trip around the world indeed! So after getting a table, you would have to walk to the counter, make your order and pay on the spot. Your food will then be delivered to you.


Californian (V)Eggs softly scrambled with tofu, yellow and red peppers, fresh herbs on char-grilled ciabatta. The eggs had a little bite but were still soft and creamy. Everything came together well on the nicely toasted piece of ciabatta. It was a nice hearty dish I would say, but definitely not as fascinating as the other dishes on the menu.

Wild Honey's Special Egg Benedict of the Day

Wild Honey’s Special Eggs Benedict of the Day: Two perfectly poached eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, asparagus, topped with fish roe on toasted homemade brioche and hollandaise sauce. The eggs were perfectly cooked. The yolk was not too runny, but not too stiff either, just creamy and thick the way I like it. The fish roe was definitely a nice touch and something unusual. Together with the smoked salmon, it added a nice saltiness to the entire dish. The hollandaise sauce was thick and creamy and slightly sweet. And what better way to round up the entire dish with 2 slices of thick, huge brioche which is so light and fluffy and soft and buttery? Delicious 🙂
One complain would be that there is still a 10% service charge despite the fact that there is no menu, and you would have to go to the counter and make the order yourself. Also, if you’re planning to come here on a weekday and have brunch/breakfast, please come before 12. If not, you could come at odd timings like 4 or 5, or even come for dinner! If you’re planning to come here for a weekend brunch, please come before 11 (Yes I mean, like at 10 +).
Now moving on to the one at Scotts Square. When my mother heard that this outlet takes reservations, she immediately made a reservation on the day of its opening. And we have since been going to this outlet. Also, they now have a menu on paper which is given to you immediately right after you’re seated, and the waitresses come and take your order. The menu here is slightly different. They have tarts, more sandwiches, and it doesn’t have as many egg dishes and sides. Seatings are also more spaced out and less cramp.

Spinach Salad

Spinach Salad (V) ($16): Baby spinach, baked pumpkin & sweet potato, vine ripened pearl tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, chickpeas & honey mustard dressing. The thing i absolutely love about this salad is the textures, and that everything is so sweet! You can never go wrong with pumpkin, sweet potato, pearl tomatoes and honey mustard. However, I’ve tried this at the Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery as well and I think that the portion is slightly bigger there. $16 for a salad is no doubt expensive.

Steph's Steak Sandwich

Steph’s Steak Sandwich ($25): 120g Australian grass fed rib-eye steak, baked beetroot, shaved onion & parmesan cheese, fresh horseradish & grain mustard on toasted ciabatta. I should find out how this name came about… Anyway, this was a total let down. About half of the steak was fat (no kidding). So in other words, you only got 60g of meat. Also, I asked for medium-rare, but the meat was definitely over cooked. It was hard and chewy and blah! Nothing nice at all! I ended up eating only half of the sandwich, and the beetroot of the other half instead.

Pan Bagnet Sandwich

Pan Bagnet Sandwich ($17): Tuna Nicoise on grilled ciabatta + imporated white tuna, black olive tapenade, boiled egg, green beans, tomatoes, onions & capers. This was basically a tuna sandwich with a few more ingredients. The tuna was not overly drenched with mayo. Simple, but satisfying I guess.

Moroccan Chicken Pie

Moroccan Chicken Pie ($14): Chicken breast, green olives, dried apricots, toasted almonds with petite arugula & pearl tomato salad. Flaky pastry, spicy tender moist chicken breast, sweet apricots against all the spiciness, and crunchy almonds, this chicken pie was so good. It’s not like your regular chicken pie. It’s an extraordinarily delectable upscale western Chicken Pie! This was the best of the night 🙂

Wholewheat Brioche

Wholewheat Brioche: My mum wanted a slice and they happily gave it to her hahahahhahahahahahhaha. This is definitely something new! The Brioche was fluffy, light, and buttery, and had a nice nuttiness and crunch. I would say that maybe Wild Honey has one of the best Brioches I’ve ever tasted!
I personally prefer the Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery just because of the fact that they have a wider range of exciting egg dishes. But I’d come here for the tarts and pies, and of course for the fact that they take reservations!
I’ve tried almost all their items at both places (I’ve never gotten the chance to review the rest! sorry!), and I’ve got to say that almost every dish is unique in its own way. From the simple salads to the fanciful sandwiches and egg dishes, Wild Honey adds their own touch and gives us their perspective of the way various cultures start their day with their western ingredients. Priced at around 20 bucks for each item, Wild Honey is definitely not cheap. That’s the one thing which I’m sure throws most of you off.
Nevertheless, Wild Honey is a rather laid back cafe with a European decor and exudes a homey feel (despite the fact that the one at Mandarin Gallery is rather crowded and noisy, I don’t know why but I still feel at home!). Yellow dim lights with music playing in the background. It’s nothing fancy and fussy, but its rather cosy and intimate ambience is suitable for any occasion. Wild Honey is a nice addition to the restaurants in Orchard, given that there aren’t many All-Day Breakfast places in Orchard.  At Wild Honey, you are given the freedom to have delicious elegant  breakfast any time. So never mind those service charge or cramp feeling, Wild Honey’s a perfect place to go any time, amidst the bustling and hustling of the city 🙂
“Our grandmothers were right when they said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And you’ve probably noticed that over the years, breakfast and brunch has grown beyond the simple human need to ‘break the fast’ after a night’s sleep. You could say that breakfast is a modern meal.” 
Wild Honey
333A Orchard Road
#03-02 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: 6235 3900  
6 Scotts Road
#03-01 Scotts Square 
Tel: 6636 1816
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  1. Marissa says:

    heh heh heh you forgot to mention the part where erm.. i work there LOL good review!!

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