With A Pinch Of Salt (Tanjong Katong)

Hey guys! Holidays are passing by so fast and it’s kinda hard to comprehend that school will be starting (for us) in less than a month! Once school starts, its back to the hustle and bustle of days filled with homework and books and studying and activities. It allows us to really appreciate the chill and relaxing days of holiday that we have left!
In our opinion, the rainy and wet weather in Singapore in the past few days has allowed all of us to see a side of Singapore that is not often seen. When it rains, everything just slows down… from the cars on the road, to the people walking on the sidewalks, and even the children who are engrossed in their computer games can’t help but take a minute to appreciate the beauty of a mid-afternoon shower. Also, it doesn’t help that Singapore gets so much cooler after it rains! And what better way to spend a rainy afternoon indoors than in a fun and quirky cafe that offers comfort food at affordable prices?
With A Pinch Of Salt is a small cafe along Tanjong Katong Road that we have been meaning to visit for quite a while but never had the opportunity to do so (because Elisa hasn’t had the chance to explore the East!). We decided to go there after one of our roller-blading/cycling sessions along East Coast Park. (the other time after our roller-blading/cycling sessions, we went to Fatboy’s the Burger Bar @ Joo Chiat!) The sky was pretty ominous as we left East Coast, but luckily we were able to make it into this homely cafe before the mid-afternoon downpour ensued. Phewww…..

With the striped baby-blue and white wallpaper, as well as the numerous frames and wall-art covering the walls, the atmosphere of the cafe immediately appealed to us. The atmosphere of the cafe is very much like a giant bean bag chair: both are comforting and welcoming and almost seem to draw you away from the fast-paced life that Singapore is so famous (or infamous) for.

After placing our orders, our gazes strayed once more to the colourful ikea cutlery and the row of doll paper-weights that were placed on a covered piano right beside our table. We couldn’t help but be glad that we had decided to spend our rainy afternoon in such a wonderful interesting little cafe!

Elisa had the Mrs Dory Pan-Seared  ($8.90): Delightful dory fish with provence herbs, served with seasonal vegetables. The fish was pan-seared nicely – succulent and moist. The sauce on the other hand was a little to liquid-y for Elisa’s liking and the potatoes felt as though they were slightly undercooked. The mashed potato was simple, nothing to rave about. Overall, the huge portion was definitely satisfying.

Zara had the Baked Vegeterian Pasta ($8.90): Pasta Casserole baked in a rice sauce & cheese. The pasta was cooked al-dente, just as Zara likes it! Also, the sauce wasn’t too overwhelming and complemented the dish pretty nicely. And of course, everything tastes good when there is a thick layer of melted cheese on top! The dish was a little too salty for her liking, and she would have liked a greater variety of vegetables to be in the dish (there were 2 sad pieces of broccoli :c ), but overall it was a filling and hearty dish!
Evidently, we were quite happy with the food and with the atmosphere of the place! The service was slightly lacking though, as there was only 1 waiter at the front of the cafe. Maybe they thought that the laidback atmosphere would benefit from the lack of disturbance from waiters? The good and affordable food more than made up for the other negative points of the place and we would recommend this place to anyone looking for a nice and quiet place to have a hearty meal! They have weekday 3 course Set Lunch at only $8.90, and of course they have monthly Chef Specials which attracted us as well. We hope that you enjoy the remainder of the holidays and don’t forget to eat well, rest well and play hard!
With A Pinch Of Salt 
297 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel: 6348 2297
PS: It’s Zara’s turn to leave for New York tonight, but rest assured that Elisa will keep you updated with all our food adventures. 
Sheep Quote of the Day: Eating is really one of your indoor sports. You play three times a day, and it’s well worth while to make the game as pleasant as possible.
~Dorothy Draper
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