Hey all! Sorry for the lack of posts this week as Elisa is still enjoying herself in the Big Apple and Zara has been away at church camp! To make up for it, we’re going to introduce you to a restaurant that serves wholesome Korean food that you must must must try!

With Raffles City Shopping Centre being one of our favourite places to hang out thanks to the abundance of affordable food in the basement, we’ve walked past Bibigo: Hot Stone quite a few times! The menu definitely appealed to us as it offered the option of ‘building’ your own rice bowl, by choosing the rice and the ingredients that you would like to have in the rice bowl! Also, the concept behind the restaurant is healthy-eating, which definitely appealed to us because ‘you are what you eat’.

Besides the hot stone rice and rice bowls, which are their signature dishes, they also serve an array of Korean food such as various salads (the Jellyfish and Shrimp Salad definitely sounds interesting!), pancakes, like the Seafood Pancake and Sweet and Spicy Pancake, stews and protein, such as Braised Short Ribs and Hot Stone Chicken. They also had a nice selection of vegetarian options for Zara to choose from, like the Buckwheat pancake and the Zucchini Pancake. However, we decided to try out their signature dishes, which are the hot stone rice and rice bowls as they seemed hearty and filling enough for two hungry teenagers in search of a good meal!
When ordering the bibimbap, there are 4 steps that must be followed:
1. Choose which type of bibimbap you would like: bibigo rice (which is served on a bed of lettuce and resembles a rice salad), traditional bibimbap and hot stone rice (which is served in a sizzling hot stone bowl).
2. Choose your type of rice: white rice, black rice, white and brown rice, or white and barley rice
3. Choose your protein: bulgogi, chicken teriyaki, chicken breast, grilled spicy pork, tofu or shrimp (however, the shrimp was not available when we visited the outlet!)
4. Choose the sauce: kohot, citron soy (the only sauce which was not spicy), ssam and sesame sauces.

After deliberating long and hard, we each finally came up with a rice bowl that would suit and please our individual tastebuds and eating preferences!
Elisa had the Hot stone Bibimbap with Black Pearl Rice, Chicken Breast and Citron Soy Sauce ($16): If you didn’t already know, Elisa’s a big fan of seafood. When she found out that there was no shrimp, she was pretty disappointed of course and decided to go for the Chicken Breast instead. Nevertheless, the Chicken Breast made her made her a happy little camper as it was tender, succulent and moist! Definitely one of the better Chicken Breasts that she has eaten. Also, the Citron Soy Sauce, which was was nice and tangy, and the Sesame Oil provided a nice flavor and aroma in contrast with the soy sauce. The best part of the meal: the crunchy rice. The sizzling hot stone bowl that the rice was served in kept the rice nice and toasty and provided a nice crunch to the black rice. With such a generous portion of rice, chicken and a wide array of vegetables, the meal couldn’t be more satisfying.
Zara had the Traditional Bibimbap with Black Pearl Rice, Tofu and Citron Soy Sauce ($15): this rice bowl was definitely one of the best rice bowls that Zara has had outside of Korea! Since she ordered the traditional bibimbap, the meal came in a normal bowl and not the hot stone rice bowl that Elisa had, and she enjoyed every single bite of it! The rice was of cooked just right, not too mushy or too tough and provided a nice base for the entire dish. The tofu was nicely marinated and provided a nice amount of sweetness that was a really pleasant contrast to the tart and tangy Citron Soy Sauce that dressed the dish. This picky vegetarian was left feeling happy and satisfied after such a pleasant meal!
Both the rice bowls came with side dishes such as various pickled vegetables (known as kimchi and a warm bowl of egg soup. With such a generous serving sizes, this meal definitely left us feeling contented and pleased!

Bibigo: Hot Stone is a Korean restaurant that you must try out if you are in search of a healthy and satisfying meal at affordable prices! The service staff were attentive in spite of the crowd during the lunch hour, which is a nice bonus to complement the delicious food! Also, the metal cutlery provided a nice traditional and genuinely Korean feel to the place, as that is the kind of cutlery they use in Korea! Bibigo is nice and suitable for both dinner and lunch as there is a very comforting and homely atmosphere about it. We really liked this place and will definitely be back to try some of their other dishes soon (:
Bibigo: Hot Stone
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-74 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6336 4745
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