Fatboy’s The Burger Bar (Joo Chiat)

Hey everyone! We hope that the holidays have been a great time for you to just let your hair down (for girls) and relax after the hectic and stressful school year. Holidays are a time for you to relax, enjoy yourselves and sleep in (as we’re sure many of you have been doing!). Personally, our idea of relaxing is going for a nice 2-hour long cycling/roller-blading trip along East Coast Park! What better way is there to relax than by feeling the wind in your hair and soaking up the sun as you zip by feeling so light and free! Let’s ignore the butt and thigh cramps for now, shall we? We definitely enjoy spending time outdoors as it gets us off our butts and away from our computers and keyboards for at least some time during the day.
So today, we were off once again on yet another cycling/roller-blading trip along East Coast Park 🙂 Elisa is going to be good friends with the uncle at the bike rental shop soon enough. After those 2 hours of exercise, you can imagine how hungry we were. Very hungry. Hungrier than we normally are…. Well, you get the picture of the extent of our hunger! And what better way to fill our empty stomachs than with a nice big juicy burger! Hmmmm comfort food at best.
We know you like burgers. What’s there not to like about burgers! There are so many different types and shapes of burgers, from the high-end (like the DB Burger from New York’s DB Bistro Moderne that is stuffed with short ribs, foie gras and truffles) to the plain weird (Cheeseburger in a can, which is mainly marketed to German campers) and many more. However, we’re sure that most of you have experienced the irritation of having to pick out stuff you don’t like out of the burgers you order! For example, Elisa is no fan of pickles and she picks them all out and gives them to her sister; while Zara is no fan of tomatoes and gives them all to Elisa. Either way, for every thing that you pick out of your burgers, you’re wasting valuable time that would be better spent digging into that hunk of savoury goodness sitting right in front of you! What’s the point of spending more time taking apart your burger than eating every tasty morsel and crumb of it? Well, now we have the solution to all your burger woes!
Fatboy’s the Burger Bar

Image obtained from: http://www.mondayflying.com/2011/05/fat-boys/
Fatboys’ menu covers a variety of comfort food, from Specialty Burgers such as the Fat Bas**** (double beef chuck patties, extra thick bacon, a fried egg, cheddar cheese and homemade Fatboy’s sauce on a sesame bun) and the Elvis (bacon stuffed pork patty, grilled bananas and creamy peanut butter on a honey oat bun), Best of the Rest such as the Chicken Mac and Cheese, Dawgs and Subs, Dessert, Appetizers, Milkshakes but the highlight of the menu (for us, at least) was definitely the Build Your Own Burger segment of the menu!
With the option of building our own burgers, Fatboys’ gives us the opportunity to ensure that whatever is included in our burger is what we like and it’ll also make sure that we have no excuses for not finishing every delicious morsel of the burger! All burgers also come with lettuce, tomatoes and delicious thick-cut fries, so you’re pretty much guaranteed a filling and satisfying meal. I wonder, can you tell much about a person’s personality based on the burger that they customize for themselves? Food for thought…


Elisa’s burger consisted of a grilled chicken patty ($7), guacamole ($1.50) and grilled pineapple ($1) between wholemeal buns ($1.50). The chicken was nicely grilled – tender and moist, and the texture of the guacamole was just the way she liked it – with chunks of avocado still present in the spread. However, she found that the guacamole was slightly too acidic for her liking, maybe a little less lemon juice would have allowed her to enjoy the guac more! The grilled pineapple also offered a touch of sweetness and crunch to ensure that every bite of the burger was balanced and enjoyable!


Zara went a little crazy with her burger. Well, a little is an understatement. Her burger consisted of a fried egg ($1), sauteed shitake mushrooms ($1.50), caramelized onions ($1), grilled banana ($1), peanut butter ($0.50) and cheddar cheese ($1.50) between wholemeal buns. To say that she enjoyed this burger a lot would also be an understatement. Every bite was creamy, sweet, salty and juicy all at the same time, like a party in your mouth! The only complaint she had was that the caramelized onions couldn’t really be tasted, but that’s probably her own fault for putting SO MUCH in the burger. The creaminess of the peanut butter and banana probably overpowered it.

We definitely enjoyed the casual and laid-back atmosphere of the music and we applaud the tasteful music selection (The Beatles!!). The quirky decoration and the bold wordings caught our eye wherever we looked and the crazy-looking cartoons on the walls gave Zara inspiration for how she should decorate her room in the future! Elisa was especially happy as they were showing a replay of the Arsenal – Chelsea football match, which Arsenal won in style. The waitresses were prompt in their service and friendly, which leads us to our next plus point about this place: THERE IS NO GST FEE AND SERVICE CHARGE! We might seem like cheap-os for being so excited about the fact that there is no GST and Service Charge, but we’re students on a budget yo, we have to save every dollar that we can!
This is a place that we would recommend to anyone on the lookout for a place where you can have a little fun with your food by being able to customize your own burgers and also chill-out and have a great time with your friends (we have to admit that we sang along to several songs).
Fatboys – The Burger Bar
465 Joo Chiat Rd
Tel: 6346 6081
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  1. IamSimplyTia says:

    I could go for some of this right now!

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