Cold Stone Creamery – The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience

Cold Stone Creamery is unlike any other Ice Cream Parlor. Co-founded by Dan and Susan Sutherland in 1988, Cold Stone Creamery has redefined plain regular ice cream into something truly exquisite and extraordinary with an entirely new ice cream concept. Cold Stone Creamery is based around premium ice cream with 12-14% butterfat made fresh on location everyday. Adding on to that, customers are free to act as “Ice Cream Innovators”, mixing their own desires from endless combinations – nuts, chocolate, fruits, candy … you name it – with smooth creamy ice cream on a frozen granite stone. Every customized order is considered a “Creation”, a valuable piece of art. Upon request, the staffs will do ‘stunts’, for example throwing ice cream up into the air and catching them back in a waffle bowl (Pretty amazing isn’t it!). On your birthday, they may even break out energetically in songs and dance for you! All in all, they make you happy 🙂
Since its opening in Tempe, Arizona in 1988, selling only premium fresh ice creams, Cold Stone Creamery has not only expanded their menu to include Ice Cream Cakes, Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, Pies, Smoothies, Shakes and Iced & Blended Coffees, it is also acquired by Kahala in 2007 to be one of the fastest growing franchise companies in North America. Today, it has expanded to more than 1,400 stores operating worldwide.
Rejoice for Cold Stone Creamery opened its first store in Singapore @ Orchard Central last March!
We’ve each tried Cold Stone Creamery in other cities/countries such as Tokyo, Shanghai, and Australia and of course we’d welcome Cold Stone Creamery in Singapore with open arms (Who wouldn’t?). Ever since its opening, we haven’t had an opportunity to try it out as there have always been long long long queues every time we walked past. But not till recently, we decided to be patient for once and wait for our turn. Surprisingly, it was not that long a wait 🙂
You can choose one of their Signature Creations, which look incredibly inviting and mouth-watering, or you can choose to design your own Creation. We chose to design our own Creation and opted for Raspberry Sorbet with Blueberries and Graham Cracker Crust in a Plain Waffle Bowl ($6.90). Both the Raspberry sorbet and blueberries were cold and icy, but had  great flavor on their own.  The Waffle was how we always like waffles to be – warm and crispy.

Raspberry Sorbet with Blueberries and Graham Cracker Crust in a Plain Waffle Bowl

Overall, it was a great experience and it was definitely worth the wait! What’s a better way to enjoy Ice Cream than being able to creatively whip up your own Creation and watching the cheerful entertaining staffs create YOUR own unique Creation? 🙂
Cold Stone Creamery
181 Orchard Central Road
Tel: 6634 1015 or
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