Remember 15 Minutes? We were actually planning on going to Kichn that day but went to 15 Minutes instead after we found out that they were closed for renovation ): Well, our wait was finally over when we went to Kichn last Friday and left the place satisfied and very happy indeed 😀
Kichn is actually a play on the word ‘Kitchen’. (If you haven’t already figured that out…)
Kichn is a minimalist eatery tucked comfortably right in the middle of Albert Court, a spacious little courtyard surrounded by reinstated pre-war shop houses. Its décor is neat and down to earth, with its main shop merely a simple white counter, and sheltered Al Fresco dining of about four to five wooden tables with just a few fans to keep the area well ventilated.
Once seated, the staff came over promptly and patiently explained the seemingly complicated, but fun process of ordering to us first timers. Basically there are 3 paper menus – Mains, Drinks and Hot Drinks/Sides. At first look, the food menu does not look too extensive, but with the different combinations of Base (Carbohydrates), Mains (Protein), and Sauce, the options are endless. Think of it this way:
How many different combinations can you get from 4 different Bases, 10 different Mains, and 4 different Sauces? 160.That’s a lot.
For drinks, you get to mix and match from 15 different flavours and have a choice of doing Single ($4.90), Double ($5.90), or Triple ($6.90) -Blend. Simply colour in the corresponding huge water droplets with the colour pencils provided. It’s such a nice way to relax and relive the days when we were little kids and all we did was drawing and colouring 🙂 At Kichn, there’s always a featured sauce and drink. That day, it was Laksa and Bandung respectively.

Japanese Rice, Portobello Mushrooms, Tomato-Based

Zara chose Japanese Rice, Portobello Mushroom, and Tomato-Based Sauce ($8.90). The Portobello Mushrooms were soft enough with a pleasant taste! Who could ever go wrong with mushrooms anyway… The Japanese rice had the right sticky texture, and the portion was just right to fill the stomach of a hungry vegetarian teenager who had been craving carbs something fierce. The tomato-based sauce was all right, nothing special and just slightly too thick for Zara’s liking. All in all, this was an enjoyable meal for Zara and left her feeling satisfied and satiated and all ready for the night of fun that was to come later that evening.

Spaghetti, Grilled Dory Fillet, Tomato-Based

Elisa chose Spaghetti, Grilled Dory Fillet, and Tomato-Based Sauce ($8.90). Elisa felt that though the Tomato sauce had a distinct nice flavour, it was a little too thick and sweet. The hearty portion of Grilled Dory was one of the best she’s ever tasted though. There was no fishy taste at all, and it was all moist, luscious, flavourful and healthy too! That’s why she loves seafood so much cause if once you’ve tasted great seafood, you’re in Wonderland ^^
We enjoy the fact that the food here is served playfully in disposable lunchboxes with disposable cutleries and plastic cups. It contributes to the laid-back and relaxing atmosphere and makes Kichn a great place for a quick bite or take aways if you’re rushing for time. On the other hand, bad for the environment :0 Maybe they should think about ways that will enable the customers to recycle the boxes and cutleries!

Oreo and Strawberry Ice-Blend

And as drinks are $1.90 cheaper if you get a main dish, Elisa decided to get an Oreo and Strawberry Ice-Blend ($4). Substantial and personalized, what could be better? 🙂 The drink had a distinct and unique taste. Who knew Oreo and Strawberry go well together?
The food is indeed simple, comforting and affordable with everything priced below $10. But for the ambience and the flexibility to allow such personalizing makes Kichn recommended. They let you “cook up a storm” and allow you to satisfy your inner cravings. At Kichn, they embrace your right to choose. And like how Nom Nom Nom puts it on Hungrygowhere:
We love the tranquility.
We take order by shading with the colour pencils given. Interesting indeed  🙂
Here, you mix&match your food and blends.
What you want is what you’ll get. COOL.
this place really gets you in the mood to really chill
Did we tell you that this place doesn’t charge GST and service charges too? 🙂
180 Albert Street
#01-05 Albert Court Village Hotel
Tel: 6333 0015
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