Time passes so quickly and before you know it, another day has passed, another week has passed. We’re not complaining much, because every week brings about new experiences and adventures for us and for all of you. Admittedly, we do get abit nostalgic at times – today being a perfectly good example of such an instance. It was our very last Netball Carnival ever ): (we have an annual inter-class Netball competition) No matter how competitive we might be, we no doubt had great fun under the blazing hot sun with our classmates and batchmates. Class spirit man!!!!!! Our class managed to clinch 2nd place and we’re extremely proud of ourselves for achieving the unexpected, given that we actually lost 3 games and drew 1 🙂 At the end of it all, we couldn’t help but feel rather sad that we would never again get to experience the atmosphere and excitement in the air that is such an integral part of every netcarn that we have ever participated in. It also began to dawn on us that we would be graduating in about 2 weeks time. We’re rather old, aren’t we?
Anyway, pardon our ramblings and let’s get back to the good part of all our posts – the food :p After running around and perspiring buckets of sweat and getting sunburnt, we were hungry. Very very very hungry, to be exact! Our growling stomachs led us to Coco Ichibanya Curry House @ 313Somerset. We’ve read many great reviews about it and we have been meaning to try this new curry place for quite some time. We assumed that it was vegetarian as Hungry Epicurean thoroughly enjoyed their non-spicy mild vegetable curry and Creamed Mushroom Omelette Curry, “the crowd pleaser” (Zara was thinking of having that!). However, we later found out from one of the chefs that all curry are from a beef base and is not vegetarian at all. Sad case for Zara as she thought having a Creamed Mushroom Omelette Curry would have killed two birds with one stone – her craving for Omu rice and Curry. Oh well, guess we would have to fine another place for vegetarian curry, at least.
We ended up in Marché as Elisa had a $15 voucher. Marché had disappeared from the Singapore restaurant scene for a period of time after closing their two franchies outlets (one at Heeren and the other at Suntec City). Unlike before where it was run by a local franchisee, the new Marché (at both 313 Somerset and Vivo City) directly fall under the Swiss management. Guess that’ll ensure quality!
We’ve always loved Marché’s laidback and casual atmosphere, where every diner is given a card which records the purchase for each item ordered, and then you can walk around casually with a wide array of sumptuous food to choose from. The portions of food are generous and comforting too! Who doesn’t love the idea of “cashless” dining anyway (until you head to the cashier to pay for your meal, that is)? It’s almost like a buffet, where you see your food before you order. Well, that’s a little more assurance, maybe, than the usual way where you order your food from a menu 🙂
We couldn’t really decide on what we wanted to have, so we decided to order 2 main courses and share them!

Plain Swiss Rosti

Plain Swiss Rosti with Sour Cream. We have always love Rosti as we find the idea of strings of potatoes fried together to form a sort of patty amusing and delicious at the same time. The rosti at Marché never fails to disappoint as it is crisp at the top and bottom, and soft in the middle – the best of both worlds. The Rosti was great on its own, clearly you do not need any accompaniments 🙂 Zara has never gone to Marché without eating the rosti, which has to say something about how good it is!

Crepe with Sauteed Mushrooms

Crepe with Sauteed Mushrooms, Capsicum Sauce, Mixed Vegetables and Cheese. The crepe was HUGE (for lack of a better word). Well not the crepe itself, but it was bursting with a generous amount of fillings. We love the idea of savoury crepes as they sort of remind us of dessert crepes (which everyone loves) in the form of a main course. We greatly enjoyed this crepe as the mushrooms were nicely grilled and the crepe was just right, without being too thick or thin!
This meal was hearty and delicious, as Marché once again proves that it is a good choice of restaurant if you’re looking for a delicious European meal accompanied by a relaxing and laidback atmosphere! The decor of the entire place is definitely spot on to resemble authentic Swiss cottages and countryside farms. Thumbs up for that (Y) Prices are reasonable, you get what you pay for as portions are clearly large and fillling (They serve a whole roasted chicken!). And most importantly, they’re well-cooked and hearty.
Guess the curry’s got to wait though…
Level 1, Discovery Walk,
313 Orchard Road
Tel: 6834 4041
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