Lunchbox Sushi!

To almost everyone, life has become a routine – we do the same thing, we meet the same people, and we eat the same food almost every single day. Well even if you enjoy/love whatever you’re doing, there will be one point, even for a second, where you’ll be sighing and wishing you had something different. So it’s perfectly understandable and normal if you go insane and crazy once in a while in your search for excitement in our often boring lives. And thank God for parties, occasions and holidays, if not we’d be like robots.

Lunchbox Sushi

Well for us, going to school everyday is pretty very boring. Friends are the best part of school. What’s killing us is that we’re constantly running out of ideas of what to bring to school for lunch (canteen food is boring and unappetising)! Yes, trust us, we’ve tried packing all sorts of food to school – rice, sandwich, wraps, pasta, soba, soups etc – with all types of sides. We’re continually on the search for interesting and easy meal ideas that offer us a break from our usual once-interesting-now-not-so-interesting lunches. We hit the jackpot when Elisa chanced upon a recipe that suggested using bread to make sushi. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! was our first reaction (we’re sure that’s yours too :)), but upon reading the recipe, we realised how easy and interesting this recipe was and resolved to try it.
We tried this out last weeks and fell in love with it immediately! Since most of us don’t usually have the usual Japanese ingredients needed to make a traditional sushi, this recipe is really a unique take on the traditional sushi and we’re sure it’s feasible for all. It’s easy, healthy and delicious all at the same time and we’re looking forward to trying it out again soon 🙂
Lunchbox Sushi
Adapted from SparkRecipes
The recipe suggested a number of possible delicious fillings but we decided to come up with our own combinations as most of the fillings included meat (yes to accomodate Zara the vegeterian), and we still wanted some sort of protein. We decided on egg and avocado, and edamame and cheese! As we were too excited to try how it all tasted like, we couldn’t be bothered to cut the ‘sushi’ into pieces.
Serves 1
2 slices bread
1 hard boiled egg, mashed
1/8 avocado, mashed
or 1/4 cup edamame, mashed
1 slice cheese, cut into small pieces
Remove crusts and, with a rolling pin, gently roll bread to flatten slightly. Mix the fillings, season with salt and pepper, and spread them evenly onto the bread. Cut in thirds, turn up and place into lunchbox for later.
We enjoyed the ‘sushi’ immensely, but felt that the combination of egg and avocado was very much one-dimensional, both flavour and texture wise. The combination of edamame and cheese on the other hand, was very yummy! Hmmmm, now we all know that edamame and cheese go well together 🙂
This recipe is extremely fun (we had loads of fun rolling and flattening the bread, and mashing and mixing the fillings), easy, quick, superly yummy and healthy all in one small roll! Zara is secretly craving the sushi now. Feel free to go crazy coming up with your own combinations of fillings and using different types of breads (wholemeal, pandan, banana nut, cheese breads etc.). Do try it out and tell us how it goes! This recipe is really one that you can play around with and make it your own.
Repeat after us:
yum, yum, yum.
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