Original Sin

Mediterranean restaurants are hard to find in Singapore. Mediterranean cuisine mostly includes “high olive oil consumption, high consumption of legumes, high consumption of unrefined cereals, high consumption of fruits, high consumption of vegetables, moderate consumption of dairy products (mostly as cheese and yogurt), moderate to high consumption of fish, low consumption of meat and meat products, and moderate wine consumption” (Taken from Mediterranean diet – Wikipedia). This is a huge contrast to the traditional and usual Asian cuisines in Singapore, and that’s probably why Mediterranean restaurants in Singapore are so rare. Any restaurant which serves this cuisine, good or bad, can thus be considered a rare gem. Consequently, we were interested in giving this cuisine a try as it is something different and offers a contrast to the usual Asian and Western cuisines that we eat most often.
For all of you who do not know, it’s Restaurant Week this week. For more information, visit their website. So do go down and visit these restaurants if you want good food at affordable prices!
Original Sin is one of the participating restaurants and we decided to give it a try (and also due to our adventurous taste buds). We arrived there pretty early and was immediately led to a table by the window by a pleasant and cheerful waitress. Upon checking the menus for both restaurant week and the set lunch, we found that the set lunch were more appealing and decided to order that instead.
We ordered 2 set lunches – 3-courses and your choice of coffee or tea – at an affordable price of $27 each. It was rather reasonable, considering the fact that their ala-carte menu was much more expensive.


Zara started off we Blush, a smoothie made with banana, strawberries and milk.

Lentil Soup with Root Vegetables

Elisa had the soup of the day – Lentil Soup with Root Vegetables. It was hearty and comforting like a good Chicken Soup, especially after a dark gloomy morning. But it tasted more like a tomato soup rather than a lentil soup (what does a lentil soup taste like anyway??)

Mediterranean Wrap

For the main course, we shared a Mediterranean Wrap filled with chickpea & pumpkin spread, grilled eggplant, feta & salad. Unfortunately, the chickpeas were missing and we couldn’t taste or even see them. Also, the large size of the wrap was mainly due to it being stuffed with lots and lots of tomatoes, lettuce, and especially carrots and beets. We have no issue with these vegetables, but we felt that there should have been more of the other components in the wrap, like eggplant, feta cheese and chickpeas!! The tortilla itself was also slightly on the dry side. Luckily we shared the wrap, or we wouldn’t have been able to, or wanted to, finish the entire thing. The best thing about that wrap was the pumpkin spread and the rare few pieces of grilled eggplant.

Tofu Burger

Next we shared a Tofu BurgerTofu and lentil pattie served with salad green & wedges. The tofu and lentil pattie was chock full of lentils, which Elisa didn’t really appreciate since she doesn’t like lentils. The pattie was coated with bread crumbs and pan-seared nicely, giving the pattie a nice crunchy texture. Unfortunately, the inside of the pattie (tofu and lentils) reminded us of mashed potatoes. The wedges were pleasant and the salad was nicely dressed. The portion was huge too, as seen in the humongous buns and we would advise you to share it with someone!

Warm Chocolate Cake

We ended the meal with a Warm Chocolate Cake served with Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert. The cake itself was way toooo moist to the extent that it was almost mushy. What saved the entire dish, apart from the ice cream, was the molten chocolate in the centre of the cake. Who doesn’t love a great huge amount of rich decadent molten dark chocolate? Both of us practically scraped every part of the inside of the cake, so that we can savor every bit of molten chocolate, and left the cake alone.
While Original Sin is one of the few Mediterranean restaurants in Singapore, it was not as good as we expected it to be. Flavours were simple and quite boring. We felt that only the set lunch was reasonably priced, while the rest of the Ala-Carte menu was pretty expensive. No complaints about the service, but we saw 2 worms on our table and there was a huge mosquito which flew right into the bottle of water at our table. Quite disturbing. We have been wanting to try this for quite some time, but we don’t think we’ll be coming back anytime soon.
Next on our list is the new Japanese Curry place at 313 Somerset 🙂
Original Sin
Blk 43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-62 Chip Bee Garden
Tel: 6475 5605
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