15 Minutes

We were planning to go to Kichn last Friday after reading so many great reviews about them. We were so excited about their mix-and-match lunch sets and their quirky drink blend combinations, that we were actually discussing it during assembly. However, when we arrived there, we realized that they were closed… So much for the anticipation and excitement ): So we decided to go to 15 Minutes instead as it was pretty nearby and we had been meaning to give it a try too. As the saying goes: When one door closes, another opens.

15 Minutes

15 Minutes is a lovely and creative cafe located in LASALLE College of the Arts (A cafe in a school is the most perfect idea ever. Our school should try it out sometime). They have a mixture of long wooden benches and tables, and high stools and tables, which makes it seem communal and canteen-like. The walls and pillars are covered with cut-outs from magazines and posters, offering a quirky and colorful feel to this interesting cafe. In the day, it is a comfortable place to laze around and have a great meal at affordable prices; by night, it transforms into a vibrant and lively stage for talent showcase.
15 minutes is a café designed to serve good food, good music and good art. Inspired by Pop Artist Andy Warhol’s notable quote “In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes”, the café lives up to its name by being the platform for all creative people seeking their 15 Minutes of fame.
After your order is taken at their counter, you are given a beeper with your order number. You return to collect your food once your beeper starts to beep and vibrate. It’s pretty much self-service, very casual and relax. Yet, the staffs were cheerful and helpful at the same time.

Tofu Lasagna

Tofu Lasagna ($8.50): flat pasta layers, tofu, tomato sauce, cheese. This tofu lasagna offers an interesting take on vegetarian lasagnas which are typically filled with spinach. It was accompanied with a gorgeous amount of sweet tomato sauce, the pasta itself was cooked al dente, and the tofu was tasty and flavorful, albeit slightly too peppery for our liking. All in all, a wonderful and hearty meal for all the lasagna lovers out there, like Garfield, and also for the vegetarians who are sick of the usual spinach-filled vegetarian lasagnas! We finished every bit of it, and it is something that Zara would definitely order again.

Udon Salad + Prawns

Udon Salad + Prawns ($7.20 + $3): romaine lettuce, udon noodles, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot, mandarin orange, sesame seed, special miso dressing. Their Shake-Well Salads are presented to you in a jar, which allows you to play around a little before eating your meal. The concept of putting the salad in a jar allows you to shake as hard and as much as you want, to ensure that every part of salad is evenly coated with the dressing before being poured onto the plate and consumed. 
There is also the option of not mixing the dressing at all, and pouring it straight onto your plate. Either way, it’s your choice. Zara loved the thought of playing with her food before eating it and shaked it VERY hard, so our salad dressing was definitely very well distributed! We really liked this concept, but we felt that an udon salad should definitely have more than 3 strands of udon. Also, maybe they should cut back on the amount of romaine lettuce and have more of the other ingredients! We would definitely welcome more than 3 strands of udon and 4 slices of mandarin orange.
We recommend 15 Minutes if you want to have a delicious and affordable meal at any time of the day, while at the same time, relaxing and just watching the world go by. What’s more, you even get free performances at night! This cosy little hidden gem is also suitable for big groups and couples who wish to have some quiet time and catch-up, away from the crowded town areas. We will definitely be back to try their delicious-looking thin crust pizzas (they look enticing :0)
15 Minutes
Blk D, #01-01, 1 McNally Street
LASALLE, College of the Arts Singapore
Tel: 6333 5915
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