Delicious Delights at Dann’s Daily – Finally Free!!! :)

See, we do learn things from lit lessons! Good use of alliteration in the title to prove it (:
Anyway, today was a pretty good day 😀 We had our last End-Of-Year (EOY) paper (ignoring math and Chinese for the time being) and now, we’re finally FREEEEE (at least for now). We were rather nostalgic after our paper though, as we reflected how fast this year has passed. We can still remember meeting all our teachers at the start of the year, and how they all said that this year’s gonna be fast and that we would have to prepare for our EOYs sooner than usual, and now, we barely have much lessons with them! Sigh, time is indeed our greatest enemy ): But undoubtedly, the end of EOY is still a cause for celebration! And being us, what’s a better way to celebrate than to hunt down and eat great food? 🙂
We took an uberrrrrr superrrrrrrrrrrrrrblyyyyyy long bus ride (1.5h long to be exact, including waiting time, and partly because we got lost hehehe) all the way to Eastwood, where there is a quaint little cafe by the name of Dann’s Daily that we have been meaning to try! The cafe is all about organic, vegetarian, pescetarian and healthy eating, yet not compromising on flavour at the same time. We always hear about organic restaurants, vegeterian restaurants, healthy restaurants, but seldom pesceterian restaurants! So Dann’s Daily is indeed something special!

Organic Brown and Wild Rice with Sprouts

Elisa had the Organic Brown and Wild Rice with Sprouts ($6). Elisa has a weird obsession over Brown and Wild Rice as they provide that almost nutty taste and texture. A simple dish, but extremely hearty and flavourful 🙂

Pumpkin Burger

Zara had the Chef’s mood of the day Pumpkin Burger, served with a side of lightly salted organic potato chips and sprouts ($12). The burger arrived steaming hot and we could literally see the smoke rising from the patty. The wholemeal bun had evident grill marks and sunflower seeds which provided a surprising crunch. The pumpkin patty filled with carrot and tomatoes, sitting on top of a mass of caramelized onions, was hearty and tasty enough to be considered a good vegetarian burger!
And to go all the way to Dann’s Daily and not try their steamed cupcakes is almost a sin, a disastor.

Banana steamed cupcake

The Banana Steamed Cupcake ($4) was indeed moist and warm and yummy! The taste of the banana was extremely evident and provided just the right amount of sweetness to the healthy cupcake. Absolutely a must try for all banana lovers like Zara!

Chocolate Chip steamed cupcake

The Chocolate Chip Steamed Cupcake ($4) was another delight! There were some little parts which were a little gooey, while other parts were moist and, especially the melted chips, simply divine. The flavour of chocolate was really dark and intense and it was definitely a great substitute to the normal cupcakes 🙂 We definitely did not miss the old usual cupcakes. Gone with the old, and in with the new? Maybe ^^
On a whole, Dann’s Daily is definitely an interesting cafe which promises a unique experience for all of you with its enticing take on food (simple yet true, good, honest flavour with a touch of love). So do be sure to come down some time, even if its so far away, as our 1.5h of travelling time was definitely worth it! Last but not least, it’s good food for good value too! 😀
Dann’s Daily
20 Eastwood Road
#01-06 Eastwood Centre
Tel: 6449 1355
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5 Responses to Delicious Delights at Dann’s Daily – Finally Free!!! :)

  1. Dann's Daily says:

    Thanks so much lovely ladies for writing this enchanting review about Dann’s Daily, and we are happy to know that you had a good time, it just makes our day reading your post ^_^

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