LICK Little Ice Cream Kafé – 3 down, 2 to go

Hey guys, we’re back! Guess it wasn’t long before we could not resist the temptations for great satisfying food and food reviews. Well, basically we don’t have many good things to say about today’s papers and we were evidently in need of some comfort food! So we went to LICK Little Ice cream Kafé , as thy have half price Waffles every Tuesday and waffles are just the thing we needed after our papers!

3 down, 2 to go!

This is one of Elisa’s few trips into the east and she has resolved to come to the east more often 🙂

Waffles topped with Blueberry Cheese and Hershey's Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

We had Waffles topped with 2 scoops of Ice Cream – Blueberry Cheese and Hershey’s Dark Chocolate ($7.50 as compared to the normal $10. We later found out that it would only be considered ‘half price’ if its Waffles + 1 scoop of Ice cream. The 2nd scoop is charged as per normal – $3.20). Comfort food personified indeed! We definitely enjoyed the soft, light, fluffy and slightly crisp Waffle paired with the creamy and almost slightly sticky (almost like that of Geláre’s) Ice Cream. The Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Ice Cream is definitely a must try for all chocolate lovers, and we could taste each distinct flavour – blueberry and cheesecake – in the Bluberry Cheese Ice Cream. Beautifully paired 🙂
We like the laid back atmosphere at LICK as it welcomes people of all ages – little kids, students and even elderly (yes the place was packed with students and 2 elderly when we went there). We’re also grateful that they allowed us to slack around there even after we finished out waffles. We highly recommend this place as you’ll positively get your money’s worth! Students get 20% discount if you go in your school uniform and what’s more enticing is that they have different offers everyday!
Free mix-in every Monday
Half price waffles every Tuesday
TGIF! Eat-all-you-can Ice Cream buffet on Fridays!
So do check out this place, it’s definitely a hidden gem and absolutely worth the try! We’ll certainly be back soon to try out their other unique flavours such as Honey Lavender, Honey Walnut and Strawberry Cheese 🙂
Little Ice Cream Kafé
258 Tanjong Katong Road

Tel: 6440 8526
1 question though: Who are the real original creators of mix-ins, with the rise of Cold Stone Creamery, Cold Rock Ice Cream Creamery and now Lick? They even have mix-ins in The Line at Shangri-La Hotel! :0 something to think about hmmmm…
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    Hey! How much was the ice cream buffet, if you rmb? Thanks!

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