Sapporo Petit Donuts

Hello guys, wondering where we’ve been? Wellllllll, we’ve been really busy with studying lately, and we apologize for not updating this Food Blog as regularly and as often as before. End-Of-Years (EOY) are next week :0 ): And so yes, we’ve to study really hard, which has given us all lots of deep puffy eyebags due to the lack of sleep ): What’s more depressing is that we don’t get to enjoy the lovely food that we all love!!!!!!! ):
And well since we’ve been studying so hard lately, we do deserve some break don’t we? 🙂 Elisa has been watching lots of YouTube videos lately to keep herself awake, such as X-Factor and Mike Tompkins (LOVE MIKE TOMPKINS) and Zara has been watching TV shows such as Masterchef and DC Cupcakes. Well other than that, we tried Sapporo Petit Donuts located at Takashimaya basement one fine day heheheeh. As the name says, they sell petit donuts which are filled with a wide array of different flavoured fillings – Chocolate, Sweet potato, Raspberry, Cream cheese, Caramel, Red bean, Custard. We tried Chocolate, Raspberry, Cream cheese and Sweet potato (8 for $4.80).


Raspberry (Merlion shaped!)

They tasted more like a normal pancake, just shaped into a mini donut though. The fillings were not too sweet, but were definitley creamy and provided both flavour and texture. What’s interesting is that these donuts are cooked in a smilar way like the Taiyaki, so they’re not fried and are definitely a healthy version to the convential donuts – another plus point!
Well do try these donuts! They’re definitely something different and worth the try 🙂 We’ll be back soon to bring more excitement to your lives, so don’t worry! 😀 We hope you’ll continue to vist our blog and support us!
On another note, due to extreme stress, Zara has became extremely weird and odd and did something really really cute (something which she would not normally do):

Left: Zara, Right: Elisa

Elisa’s look so much cuter than Zara’s. Just saying 🙂
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5 Responses to Sapporo Petit Donuts

  1. Elaine says:

    Hey sheepies! Loving your blog keep it up!! 😀 Study hard k we can pig fest after that

  2. Hello Elaine!
    We’re glad that you enjoy reading our blog! You still owe us a guest appearance on a baking post!


  3. Xie ming chun says:

    How to franchise Sapporo petit email

    • cabrina says:

      hi there…may I ask are you planning to sell the franchise rights or asking what are the procedures needed to franchising? thank you.

      • Hi Cabrina, I’m sorry but we do not know the exact procedure to go about obtaining franchise rights! We suggest that you enquire with the company itself! Thanks for visiting our blog 🙂

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